Kad jemputan

Finally, after lama menunggu, dapat jugak I tayang kad jemputan kahwin kat blog ni sebelum we all berangkat pergi ke M’sia. Sempat jugak my adik email me the kad tadi. And this was what he wrote in his email.

My wedding invitation card for u to publish in your blog. abah dah risau klu kawan2 angah yg datang smpai 10ribu org.hehehe..takde tempat..hehe..

I really hope Abah I was only joking when he said that, wehehehehe. Dia ingat anak dia ni a famous blogger macam Che Det or Cik Mat Gebu or Aznil Nawawi kot, yang ramai sangat peminat, wakakaka ;-).

Let me tell you Abah a little bit about my blog and the people who frequent it. My blog ni mostly revolves around the food I cook (which is nothing grand), the family I raise (with your son in law’s help 🙂) and about the life we lead here (but obviously I don’t write about every single thing we do and say lah kan). Kalau nak letak every single thing, memang dah awal2 I kena privatekan this blog lah and just for my eyes only, hahahaha. So basically the stories I write most nights are pretty ordinary and most probably happen to a lot of other families out there.

Some people have been reading this blog since it’s inception and they’ve been such good loyal readers of this blog. Some people pulak only started reading this blog throughout the years and mostly come to this blog through blog hopping (which is a very cool way to find good blogs to read kan 🙂). Some who like my style of writing stay attached and link my blog to theirs which I really appreciate. Some who find my blog not to their liking, have gone away to other interesting blogs :-). And some readers come and go. But believe me Abah, the readers of this blog memang tak sampai mencecah 10 ribu, jangan lah takut. Gelak guling2 I baca email adik I tadi, wakakakakakaka…..

But I’m really hoping adalah readers out there yang selalu tegur I kat chat box and selalu letak comments in this blog yang sudi datang ke majlis keramaian tu nanti. Nak lah jugak I merasa upstaging the pengantin (kan Ros & Akeem), hehehehe…

So, sudi2 lah ye datang memeriah kan suasana majlis adik I ni and bagi my Abah dapat panic attack sekejap, hehehehe…



Kalau map tu kecik sangat, pandai2 lah ye besarkan sendiri or pakai magnifying glass to see the map :-). I’ve tried making the wording and the map clearer but this is the best I could do.

Psst… the phone numbers tu semua belong to my brothers so kalau you all sesat barat nak cari jalan ke Kampung Batu 8 Ijok tu, call call lah diaorang ye mintak tunjuk jalan. They are really really nice people, hehehehe….

And another psst… kalau you all tak boleh datang hari Ahad the 13th tu, jemputlah datang hari Sabtu (the 12th) petang tu sebab kenduri kat kampung ni, hari Sabtu petang and malam tu dah ada orang datang mem’becek’ which in Malay means ‘pergi kenduri kawin bawak money for the tuan rumah’ or something along that line (but I know it involves the money, hehehe).


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