Last day

Hari ni last day for The Little Misses at school and also last day for us at work. Our holidays officially start tonite, hehehe. And you all must know how busy and hectic life is in the days leading up to your flight. So, most probably this will be my last entry before we all berangkat naik flight. And hopefully, my next entry in Malaysia will be about our ‘adventures’ kat kampung and kat kedai mamak, hahahaha… 😉

And as usual, at the end of each year, I try to give something for the teachers at school. Last year, I made them cookies and cakes and put them in nice jars. But tahun ni, I memang penat sangat2 and too many things to do which made me takde masa nak buat the treats for the teachers. But I wanted to give something ‘special’ that will make the teachers think of them.

Then I found something on Taste website which is extremely cute and extremely festive as well (ye lah, kat sini kan tengah bahang Christmas 🙂). So, I bought a few clear jars kat Reject Shop which only cost me $2 each 🙂 and then fill them up with…


This is called ‘cookies in a jar’ which I think is such a cute gift to give to people. So, all their teachers tadi (except Miss 10’s teacher sebab he’s a guy so we all bagi chocolates aje, hehehe) dapatlah this gift from Miss 10 and 6. The Other Half and I spent last night filling the jars up with flour, brown sugar, caster sugar, rolled oats, currants and choc chips. Pastu I ikat riben and then tampal the resipi to turn these ingredients into cookies in the cards. Terperanjat jugak lah the teachers sebab dapat balang yang berat and isi benda2 ni, hahahaha….

Pastu lepas diaorang buat the cookies, they can keep the jar kan :-). And hopefully, they’ll think of The Little Misses when they make the cookies, hehehehehe….

Alright everyone, Goodbye for now….. Hope to see some of you in Malaysia nanti…..


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