Cuti cuti Malaysia

Where should I start? I guess I’ll start the story from Sunday the day we were so busy with cleaning and packing. Our flight was the tengah malam buta nya flight which I kind of like but kind of not like at the same time. I like it sebab I could still pack and clean the house the whole day and night as well and tak payah nak rush like mad to do every thing. But I don’t like it sebab it means The Little Misses would miss out on a good night sleep and so would we. Macam mana lah kan nak tidur sebab by the time they took off and then finished serving supper, it was already nearly3 in the morning. Pastu cuma tidur2 ayam aje for a few hours before  landing time. So, the whole day yesterday was spent ‘recovering’ from the lack of sleep lah :-).

A miracle happened on Saturday and Sunday, we managed to pack everything within the allowable weight limit of 80kg! Punyalah terkejut we all sebab as you could see, punyalah banyak kan barang2 atas futon tu, hehehe. The Other Half lah yang sangat2 terkejut sebab he was so sure that it was going to go way over the limit :-). In the end, we had 3 big boxes and 2 big suitcases to take back to M’sia (tak termasuk our hand luggage lagi tu). But yang nak tergelak nya. Our barang2 and baju cuma 1 big suitcase aje, the rest tu was barang2 for other people. So, balik Perth nanti, memang lenggang kangkung lah we all, hehehehe.

Psst… The Other Half tak tau lagi yang I tengah berfikir2 nak penuhkan one of the suitcases dengan barang2 baking, hahahaha….

Anyway, we landed safely (Alhamdulillah) and now are taking things slowly in the kampung before the big day. The Little Misses are so happy just running around the house, playing with the kittens and cats and panjat pokok rambutan sambil makan buah rambutan. Tapi yang teramat lah tak best nya kat kampung sekarang ni are the swarms of mosquitos! I rasa sebab musim hujan kan sekarang so jentik2 pun berlambak2 lah and baru aje sampai dah penuh dengan bintit2 merah kat satu badan Miss 6. Yang heran nya, Miss 10 tak kena gigit teruk sangat banding dengan Miss 6. Maybe nyamuk2 tu excited sangat tengok kulit putih dia tu lepas hari2 tengok kulit hitam jowo kat rumah ni, hehehehe… Nasib baik lah we brought along tropical strength mosquito repellant so it’s been much better today.

Masa sampai pagi2 tu kat kampung, the first thing that caught our eyes was the brand new KFC kat pekan Ijok ni which is situated tak jauh dari kedai mamak favourite we all. Menjerit kegembiraan semua sebab tak payah lah we all kena pergi Shah Alam semata2 nak makan KFC. And then bila dah habis makan breakfast kat kedai mamak, bolehlah we all berjalan pergi KFC pulaknya, hahahaha…. Uwwaaaahhhhh, macam mana lah tak gemuk kan duduk M’sia ni :-D.

And like I said, kalau kat M’sia ni, my photos will mostly be of The Little Misses lah kan (and not of food sebab I tak masak kat M’sia ni, hehehe). But rasanya nanti on the wedding weekend ni, we hope to take loads of the kenduri photos lah including photos of the lauk pauk jawa :-). So, layan gambar The Little Misses..


Our first breakfast, roti canai and cempedak goreng!!! Yeay!!! Miss 10 makan habiskan 2 keping, The Other Half makan 3 keping and Miss 6 makan 1 keping. I makan goreng cempedak ber’keping keping’, hehehehe…


Miss 6 finally lost her tooth on Sunday tapi tooth fairy tak datang sebab we were on a plane that night and tooth fairy takde ticket nak naik plane, hehehe. Takpe, we’ll give it to her in Perth nanti :-).


Kat belakang rumah Atuk and Nenek nak pergi kutip rambutan. Patung tiger tu fungsi dia untuk menakutkan monyet2 from stealing the rambutans. People say it works but God knows…..


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