Questions I have to endure….

Everytime we all balik Malaysia and pergi ke shopping malls, I rasa macam we are a group of performers in a travelling circus aje. And some people could be so rude with their stares and their questions but I guess I dah lali with the stares and the rude questions kot sebab setiap tahun balik, I’ll get the same treatment, hehehehe.

Last week on Wednesday, we all pergi ke Sunway Pyramid and PKNS Shah Alam to shop for a few stuff for the wedding and also to shop for my baju kurung hijau. We did get some stares at Sunway but not as bad as the stares we got at PKNS :-D. The Other Half pulak is quite ‘naughty’, everytime he noticed people staring at us, he would quickly put his arm around my waist or on my behind and squeezing it! Macam nak ter pop out lah biji mata people yang stared at us tu, hehehehe. It was so funny watching their reactions though :-). Padahal, masa we all kat Sunway tu, punyalah ramai lagi couples yang berpeluk bagai and melekat lagi kuat dari we all but we all jugak yang diaorang tenung, wehehehehe. Tu yang membuatkan The Other Half tersangatlah perasan yang he’s so good looking ;-D.

In a way I can understand why people stare at us. They look at The Little Misses and they see 2 really cute kids and then they look at The Other Half and they see a Mat Saleh who’s not too bad looking (maybe kat mata I aje dia hensem kot, hehehe) and then they look at me. Masa tu lah their brains start getting confused. They see someone who’s so not fashionable and teramatlah tak vogue nya, hehehehe. My handbag takde obvious brand macam Coach or Gucci or Channel or Prada, I cuma pakai jeans from Just Jeans aje not from Levi’s or Gap, my T-shirt cuma t- shirt lama and not the latest fashion (but brand Colorado so ok lah tu kot kan 😉) and my shoes pun bukan Crocs or Hush Puppies orJimmy Choo (again Colorado slip-ons beli masa tengah sale, hehehe), and then pakai tudung pun scarf sempoi biasa aje. So, tu yang I think diaorang can’t understand how in the world this Mat Saleh’s attracted to me and how 2 cute girls could come out of me, wehehehehe.

Masa kat PKNS tu, The Little Misses were looking at some trinkets and the sale assistant asked me, “anak Akak ke?” I pun jawab, “Iye lah.” Then she had the gall to say, “tipulah Kak. Macam tak percaya aje!” Lerr, dia tak kenal I langsung, buat apa lah I nak play jokes on her. Tak kuasa eden! Pastu I asked Miss 6 infront of her, “Who’s your Mummy?” Miss 6 dengan muka pelik pandang I said, “You of course!” Lepas dapat jawapan yang sahih from Miss 6 pun, the girl masih tak percaya lagi. Maleh pastu I nak layan orang yang tak percaya cakap kita ni. Pastu I jahat, bila The Other Half datang dekat I, I terus bisik kat dia suruh letak his arm around my shoulders nak bagi budak2 tu terbeliak sekejap, hahahaha. I guess PKNS ni kan mostly yang pergi situ Melayu aje and jarang lah jumpa Mat Saleh shopping kat situ sebab tak high class kan. Yang muka macam Mat Saleh shopping kat situ are mostly Banglas aje kot, hikhikhikhik….

(Kalau we all pergi shopping malls yang high class, we all pulak yang segan nak masuk sebab tak cukup duit nak berbelanja kat situ, hehehe).

But I did manage to get baju kurung hijo kat PKNS tu and so so cheap pulaknya (yang I pakai masa wedding tu lah) so berbaloi lah jugak pergi situ eventhough kena interrogated dengan the sales girl 🙂

Layan gambar our time at Pyramid…


Kedai Guess kat belakang tu we all tak berani masuk, hehehe.


Masa kat Pyramid, ada batik painting table kat Shell booth so Miss 10 pun pi lah buat batik painting.


The Other Half tried to be artistic, ambik gambar with lighting under Miss 6 🙂


Ni pun kat Pyramid jugak but in the new wing. Nampak macam tak se fancy and se posh the front bit lah kan. Tempat macam ni baru lah we all berani nak masuk, hahahahaha…

By the way, we are going to A’Famosa Resort tomorrow until Sunday untuk cuti2 makan angin with the extended family. I hope it will be a fun time. Kalau ada masa, I’ll post entries from there. kalau takde masa, I’ll post entry hari Isnin lah ye…


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