Malaysian drivers!!!!

The Other Half had to drive to Melaka for our cuti2 sebab I lagilah malasnya nak drive on Malaysian road after so many years tak drive kat sini. He doesn’t mind driving kat M’sia but at the same time, kalau ada choice, he would rather not. Kenapa we all tak suka drive kat sini, let me list down the reasons:

Reason No. 1:

Apa guna ada speed limit on the highway when most people just ignore them anyway! Kalau speeding sikit2 tu takpe lah gak, but sampai 150-160 km/hr on a 110 km/hr road nak buat apa. Kat Perth pun ramai speedsters ni but mostly cuma lebih 10kms camtu aje and late at night.

Reason No. 2:

What is it with the Malaysian drivers and flashing lights! I betul2 tak paham why they have to flash their lights nak warning kita suruh kita bagi laluan for them when they are speeding! It really drives me insane! Macam lah VVIP mana aje konon2 nya itu jalan diaorang and other people have to give ways to their speeding cars. Can’t they use their brake to slow down. Tak kan tak tau brake kat mana ye tak.

Reason No. 3:

Tailgating! Dah lah drive laju giler, pastu tail gate kereta depan lagi. Wanna bet their reflexes are not that good. Kalau orang depan tu tiba2 terbrek (like what The Other Half did yesterday just to spite them), kelam kabut they braked and you could here their tyre screeching, hehehehe. Bukannya highway tu jam giler2 that they had to be so close to the car infront. It was quite lengang yesterday but they still had to tailgate. I think diaorang tailgate to force us to move to a different lane so bagi laluan ke diaorang. Banyak lah cantik muka diaorang, they want to speed, they find their own lane!

Reason No. 4:

Kata M’sia ni semua berhemah and very polite, I didn’t see any yesterday while driving on the highway. I thought it’s common courtesy kalau kita bagi kereta dia masuk dulu, the least they could do was to put up their hand to say thanks. Tapi semalam, all the drivers were so totally engrossed with being first that they forgot to say thanks or to acknowledge their gratitude with even a nod.

Reason No. 5:

Masih ada lagi ke lesen kedai kopi ni? Obviously banyak lagi kot sebab ramai lagi yang I tengok semalam yang tak tau the road rules. Sebab when it was obviously our right to enter the street, the other drivers just buat derk  dengan selambanya aje menonong masuk the street without even any glance at us. We had to brake just so tak cium kereta diaorang.

Reason No. 6:

Why can’t people queue when there’s a jam? I’m so amazed at people yang guna bahu jalan or the emergency lane untuk mencilok masuk ke depan. Dia ingat orang lain yang duk baik2 in the queue waiting for their turn to move duduk saje2 je ke kat dalam kereta tu. Macam lah diaorang aje yang sangat2 penting and kena pergi their destination on time. Pastu bila kita tak bagi dia masuk, sikit nya marah ke and jeling bagai nak giler. What did they expect?

Ada banyak lagi tapi I’m not going to make all of you M’sian drivers mad at me for venting out my frustations :-). I think I would rather face  and deal with Perth drivers daily than deal with Malaysian drivers, hehehe.


I’ll post another N3 lepas ni with photos and our jalan2 cari makan kat Mydin Ayer Keroh…


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