Forgotten anniversary and cuti2 KL

It was quite funny what happened semalam. We had to rush out from Kampung before 7 o’clock in the morning sebab nak ikut adik pergi kerja. And in that rush, I totally forgot 1 important thing. Bila dah sampai KL and while waiting for the LRT to take us to KLCC, The Other Half suddenly turned around and looked at me and said, “Happy Anniversary Dear! Ha Ha… I remembered first and you’ve forgotten.…” Oops, I can’t believe it that I totally forgot it was our 14th anniversary yesterday, hehehe. I pun cepat2 cover line told him yang I didn’t forget but didn’t have the chance to tell him first aje because of the rush, hahaha… I guess when you are on holidays and your lives are not dictated by the calendars and the dates, you tend to forget what day it is and what date it is kan :-). And then bila dah capai dua angka tu, lagilah makin asik terlupa kot ;-).

But we didn’t do anything special for our anniversary apart from taking this cosy family holiday in KL. We went to KLCC yesterday and The Other Half took The Little Misses into Petrosains but I just lepak2 kat the foodcourt aje :-). After going to Petrosains every year we all balik M’sia, dah malas I nak jenguk masuk, hehehe. And it’s been nice to just vegetate around the pool with a good book while The Little Misses tire themselves out swimming!

Luckily lah we all pergi KLCC tu pagi2 buta (well, tak lah pagi sangat but pagi lah jugak when semua kedai belum bukak lagi except the food shops). We didn’t even bother nak menanya about the tickets to the bridge sebab malas nak menunggu. By the time, The Little Misses and The Other Half keluar dari Petrosains tu at 1 o’clock, punyalah ramai nya manusia tengah queue up nak masuk situ. We were lucky we got there at 9.30 on the dot so tak lah ramai lagi manusia masa tu, hehehe. But definitely it was sebab school holidays tu yang jadi penuh sangat2. KLCC semalam pun penuh dengan manusia.

Layan a few photos of us during our cuti2 KL.


Mat Saleh laki I ni kan a bit awestruck with the monorail. Ye lah, kat Perth mana ada benda ni kan so tu yang kat Stesen Kerinchi tu pun  still boleh ambik gambar lagi. Dah lah masa tu masih pagi2 morning lagi and penuh dengan commuters going to work. And muka the models semua masih monyok lagi sebab kena paksa bangun awal pagi tu :-). We all berempat memang nampak sangat macam tourists abis, wehehehe…


Kat dalam tren tu pun sempat lagi ambik gambar. Nasib baik lah orang M’sia ni memang dah biasa tengok Mat Saleh buat perangai pelik2 ni kan so one more Mat Saleh pelik didn’t make them bat their eyelids, hehehe


Another photo taken at Petrosains. Punyalah banyak gambar The Little Misses kat Petrosains ni sebab boleh kata every year we all pergi, hehehe.




Some photos by the pool…


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