Continuation of our cuti2 KL

Dah nak dekat seminggu I tak update blog and The Other Half pun dah bising suruh I update (sebab dia kata, kesian kat the blog readers ternanti2 🙂). Dia yang hari2 bukak my blog pagi2 to see if there are any new comments or chats while I pulak tengah malas sangat2 nak tengok blog ni. Kalau ada new comments or chats, dialah yang akan bagitau I but everytime I asked him to tolong jawabkan the comments and chats on my behalf, dia gelak guling2 aje. Hehehehe….. :-).

I ni kan sekarang jenis yang kalau buat entry, sikitnya panjang I mengomel and mengarang cerita. So, bila terfikir yang kadang2 it might take me a looong time to tulis a few sentences, tu yg terus malas balik nak buat entry. Tak best pulak rasanya kalau takde cerita di sebalik all the photos kan ;-).

So, where did I stop last time? Oh ye, our stay at Duta Vista kan. Anyway, we were quite disappointed with that hotel. The only good bit was, it had 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Patutlah it was really cheap for an apartment. The service was horrendous especially when it comes to towels and toiletries. I thought semua hotel or self serviced appartments ada sediakan toiletries kan, but at this place, diaorang cuma sediakan sabun aje. And then, don’t get me going on the towels! Towels dia very very threadbare, kalau I letak kat depan lampu, sure boleh nampak bayang kat belakang dia! Dah lah very threadbare, pastu we didn’t have any towels for about 5 hours kot even though dah 2-3 kali we all called to ask for them. I had to go down to reception to complain, baru lah dapat towels.

Then, we had a change of plan requiring us to extend our stay there for 1 night. So, The Other Half went to the Night Manager to ask if we could extend for 1 night. The Night Manager said yes and even told us yang it’s confirmed. But the next morning, I asked The Other Half to reconfirmed our bookings and surprise surprise, the Day Manager kata, we can’t extend our stay sebab their rooms are fully booked! And he had no idea what the Night Manager did telling us our extension was confirmed. Punyalah menyinga I masa tu, geram giler2 with the service. But The Other Half kata, tak guna mengamuk kat diaorang sebab there’s nothing to be achieved. The only thing we can do is to permanently put a black mark against that hotel and not to go there ever again. My hubby ni memang macam tu, malas nak menyinga unlike the wife ni, hehehehe…. We just checked out without saying anything in the end.

Dah lah service dia really bad, pastu kitchen dia ada cockroaches and the bathrooms banyak bugs pulak tu!!! Eeeekkkkk……..

And then, my sister came to the rescue. She managed to secure a room for us (via rellies and cable pulling 🙂) at Darby Park Suites which was 100X better than Duta Vista. Nice towels, nice service, nice toiletries :-). We had such a wonderful time there that we stayed there for 2 nights, hehehehe…. And breakfast was also included in the room rate which was great (unlike Duta Vista!). Pastu boleh jalan kaki aje pulak tu ke KLCC and ke kedai roti canai :-D.

So, next time we all balik M’sia, I think we’ll definitely stay there again kot sebab it was right smack in the middle of everything instead of kat tengah2 hutan belantara tu….

Layan lah some photos of us kat Darby Park and also at Pavillion (bukan nak bershopping, tapi cuma parking and makan aje kat situ, hehehe).



I told you, we like it so much, kat dalam bilik pun sempat lagi berposing tu, hahahahaha….. Mengabadikan kenangan bercoti2 kan (and mengabadikan kenangan pipi I bagai di pam2 dgn pam basikal!). Takpe, The Other Half kata azam tahun baru ni is to lose weight. Sebab dia kata balik M’sia ni semua orang dah gained weight except Miss 10. We’ll see how long that will last for, hehehehehe……



Orang lain pun beria2 ambik gambar depan Pavillion, we all pun tak ketinggalan lah jugak :-).


Ini pulak, at KLCC food court while waiting for Asilah and family to come.


the 2 families without the hubbies who had to be the cameramen that day. Memang terasa macam celebrities aje kat food court tu masa tu sebab 2 cameras ber klik2 non stop, wakakakaka…

Thanks ye Asilah sbb sudi jumpa I n family .

Lepas tu kan, masa I and Asilah dah habis bersalam2an kat depan escalator to get back home, ada 1 lady ni datang tegur I kata dia kenal I n family sebab kadang2 singgah ke my blog. Termalu I kat situ sekejap, hehehe. The Other Half dah senyum2 sinis aje kat I masa tu. Thank you so much ye to this lady (maaf ye sebab I betul2 lupa nama you) sebab sanggup tegur I. Lepas tu The Other Half tanya I, “Do you feel famous suddenly?” I gelak aje dengar soalan cepumas dia tu, ada ke tanya that silly question, hahahaha.

And thank you to Wan Razihan n family sebab sudi datang jenguk we all kat Ijok on Saturday. Berjumpa juga kita akhirnya ye, hehehe.

And for the next few days before balik ke kampung Perth this Thursday, we all akan lepak2 aje lah kat Ijok ni. Nak bagi chance kat Atuk and Nenek main dengan cucus puas2 sebab entah bila nak jumpa lagi kan :-).

And to everyone yang letak comments kat my previous entries, minta maaf banyak2 sebab tak sempat jawab your comments lagi ye. I will answer them slowly, don’t worry, hehehe. And to everyone who wished us a Happy Anniversary, thank you so much. We hope every one of your doas will come true, insyaAllah….

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