Sayonara Malaysia and 2009

We are finally at the airport waiting for our flight to board. Flight pukul 6.30 petang tapi pukul 9 pagi dah keluar dari kampung. My Abah tanya apsal nak pergi pagi2 sangat padahal flight petang. I dengan tersenyum simpul pun berkata, “we all nak pegi shopping kat Midvalley buat kali terakhir before naik flight, hehehehe.” My Abah cuma boleh geleng kepala aje, wehehehe… Sempat lagi tu menghabiskan duit kat Jusco sebelum balik Perth! Ye lah, kita nak tolong menaikkan ekonomi M’sia kan, hehehehe ;-).

On the way to the airport, The Other half said to me, “Can you believe it that we’ve spent nearly 4 weeks in M’sia! It feels so short!” But both of us are happy to be going back home to Perth sebab even though we love our holidays, we did miss our house, our bed, our car, my kitchen (and all the gadgets :-)), and most importantly our coffee machine (hahahahaha). I told The Other Half, jangan pulak tetiba rindu kat kopi ais Mamak! The Little Misses pulak said they can’t wait to sleep in their own beds tonite and play with their toys again esok :-D. Luckily we can sleep in esok :-).

But before we can get to our house malam ni, we really really hope there’ll be taxis at the Perth airport. Sebabnya, it’s New Year’s Eve and obviously there’ll be so many people out tonight celebrating and drinking who’ll be requiring taxis too. Takut aje kena tunggu lama sangat kat airport tu before we could get a taxi home, sure penat giler The Little Misses kalau kena tunggu lama :-(. Dah lah nak go through Australian Customs pun akan ambik masa sikit nya lama sebab kena declare all the food, pastu kena tunggu lama for taxi…… Oh well, nak buat macam mana kan, dah balik New Year’s Eve….

Since the New Year is just around the corner,

We would to wish all of you readers of this blog, a very prosperous, productive and a very happy 2010. May what you wish for for the coming year comes true.

Hope I’ll be updating from Perth tomorrow night with a picture of our dinner. Hmm…dah lama tak masak dinner ni, I’m not sure if I know how to now, hahahahaha… But one thing I know for sure, we won’t be eating rice for at least 1 week! We all dah rindu kat western food (apart from KFC and McD lah), so most probably I’ll be cooking pizza kot tomorrow nite with loads and loads of cheese sudah semestinya :-D.


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