Utter stupidity

On Thursday hari tu, on the way to KLIA from MidValley, we went thru Sg. Besi and then onto the PLUS highway (tak silap I lah). We saw from far, this biggish group of motorcyclists riding motor kapcai and they were all over the lanes, from the left to the right lanes all hogged by them. At first, we all cuma a bit annoyed sebab kalau setakat naik motor kapcai aje, tak payah lah sampai riding on the right lane sebab macam mana lah kereta2 yang laju2 tu nak memecut ye tak :-). But then, suddenly we were so stunned and amazed sampai terbeliak biji mata when they started doing this….




What do you think is wrong with the above pictures???????

What amazes me still until now is the sheer stupidity of these motorcyclists. Obviously they think they are cats who have 9 lives since they are not worried to lose this one! He was not the only one who did this, ada ramai lagi yang perasan ada 9 nyawa jugak! That day, so many cars had to brake suddenly at a speed of 110km/hr sebab these motorcyclists just swerved onto the cars’ lanes without even bothering to look and check their blind spots. I tau lah yang diaorang ingat cermin motorsikal tu kegunaan nya cuma untuk membetulkan and meng adjust rambut macho diaorang tu!!!

And then, the ‘marshall’ yang pakai jaket oren tu who I guess was supposed to be their leader or their guide completely ignored their antics. He was ‘oblivious’ to the carry ons that were happening around him.This motorcyclist was swerving from one lane to the next and you could see that he wasn’t that stable on the bike. Memang saje menempah maut betul lah! Taulah yang ajal maut di tangan Tuhan tapi buat apa nak mengundang masalah kan. Kalau dia aje yang mati takpe, less 1 idiot on the road, tapi kesian lah kat kereta or lori or bas yang melanggar dia sebab memang tak dapat nak elak langsung dari langgar motosikal dia ni kan! Trauma abis orang yang melanggar dia tu nanti. Pastu, kalau tak terus mati, tapi cedera parah sampai paralysed and became quadriplegic, sian kat family dia yang kena look after him for the rest of his life.

And the sad bit was, he’s still a P-plater so obviously still very very young. And yang lagi menyakitkan jiwa, all these idiots are Malays! Bangsa lain tak sebodoh macam ni I think. Apa nak jadi dengan bangsa I ni, sigh……….

Anyway, enough of them and their stupidity….

We spent the whole morning today shopping for ‘back to school’ stuff. The Little Misses kan will be going to a new school so we’ve got to buy them new school uniforms. Their school t-shirts kena beli kat a special shop sebab nak ada logo sekolah but their shorts and hats and pants boleh beli kat Big W aje. But nak jadi cerita, I had no idea what their hat colour is supposed to be. Puas I google kat net tapi tak jumpa jugak. Last2 I tawakkal aje and beli hats colour blue. Kalau silap, pakai kat rumah aje lah, hehehehehe. And then, we had to buy new school bags for The Little Misses as well sebab last year diaorang pakai bags ada logo sekolah LIC so tak boleh lah nak pakai the same bag kan (buat rugi aje beli bag tu, hehehe). And then last year, they had to wear leather black school shoes but this year, I tak tau what the new school’s policy on shoes is so I just bought them black canvas shoes. Susah jugak kan kalau public schools pun ada macam2 uniforms berbeza2, hehehe…. Itu pun tak habis lagi shopping sebab ada quite a few things on the school’s lists I tak beli lagi. I’ve got to go to Woolridge’s lepas ni to get the rest.

And the rest of the afternoon was spent tidying up the front yard and the back yard and mowing the lawn sebab Monday ni ada house inspection again. Esok I have to spend the whole day cleaning up inside. Luckily our house sitter left the house in good condition so tak lah panic I dibuatnya :-). Bila lah nak duduk rumah sendiri ni ye, hahahahaha…..

Our dinner tonite was western again sebab The Other Half masih lagi kebuluq nak makan western food. I made baked canneloni for The Other Half (but Miss 6 yang makan half of it, hehehe) and we had pasta with meatballs and bolognese sauce and cheese sauce.



The Other Half said, “I really really love your cooking. I’m quite happy not to ever eat out again!” Wakakakakakaka…. Memang kebulur betul my hubby tu. Baked canneloni pun bagi dia dah sedap gilers :-D. I guess after being married to him for quite a long time, I usually know what he likes to eat and what he does not like (anything with loads of cheese will be his favourites 🙂). Cuma sama ada I malas atau tak aje nak masak his favourite food, hehehehe….


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