10 days without curry and rice and still going strong :-D

Dah 10 malam tak nampak bayang nasi but The Other Half masih lagi bertahan… Bila lah agaknya dia nak capitulate and start begging for me to cook rice and curry ye? Waduh waduh, susah jugak ye bila Mamak celup ni sikit pun tak hingat nak makan kari nya, hehehehe… I am happy sebab semalam dah dapat makan mee so tak lah I monyok aje :-).

Our dinner last nite was mee goreng and spring rolls and tonite pulak was oven roasted lamb chops and potatoes. Memang takde sebutir nasi pun yang sentuh pinggan we all, hahahaha.



Don’t get me wrong, we all tak makan nasi ni bukan sebab nak berdiet ye. We all tak makan nasi sebab masa kat M’sia hari tu dah makan nasi hari2. I still eat rice masa tengah berdiet cuma the amount aje yang I kurang kan or the type of rice yang I tukar. Instead of makan jasmine rice, we all tukar ke basmathi or ke brown rice. If you makan brown rice, memang you wont want to eat it a lot sebab for me, the taste tak lah sedap sangat so selera makan tu dengan sendirinya akan jadi kurang, hehehe…

Anyway, I’m so happy today sebab I finally can see the light when it comes to DSLR photography. Tadi I attended a whole day course titled “DSLR photography for beginners: the basics”. I know I really needed the basics! And esok we are going to go to Freo for the practical session which would be interesting and fun I think. Yang buatkan I happy sangat2 sebab I’m finally able to understand the terminologies that are in the user manual. Kalau sebelum ni, bila I baca manual, macam baca novel in Italian, I can understand a bit of it but most would just go straight over my head. Memang tak paham the jargons they use in photography. But now I can understand them which makes life a bit easier :-). Selama2 ni bila I guna DSLR, I would only use the full auto mode aje sebab I had no idea what anything was, hehehe. Hopefully esok during the practical session, I can start using all or at least some of the buttons and the functions on the DSLR lah. Baru lah berbaloi kan beli DSLR ni :-D. But I also know that I still have a very very long way to go… So don’t expect my photos to suddenly be awesome looking and mouth watering lah ye ;-).


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