Shooting at Freo

Hari ni naik senget bahu I dua2 belah sebab mengangkut bag kamera yang berat tu and also tripod ke hulu ke hilir kat Freo. Itu belum lagi beli segala jenis lenses yang berat2 ala paparazzi tu! Nasib baik lah Freo tu memang tourist precint so tak lah nampak odd sangat group we all tadi shooting ntah apa2 aje. Tourists lain ambik gambar the sceneries, the statues, the boats, the buskers around Freo. We all pulak ambik gambar sceneries, statues, daun2 pokok, batu bata, flags, silhouttes, hehehe… Pelik jugak orang tengok we all tadi agaknya🙂.

Gambar yang I ambik tadi still tak cun sangat but at least I know how to manipulate the settings to make it less cun or more cun or clearer or brighter. Maybe 1 day, all the photos that I take will be all cun, mana tahu kan😉. And the amazing bit for me was I used the Manual setting the whole day today, yiipppeeeee!!! Hehehehehe… The Other Half and The Little Misses pun ikut sekali ke Freo tadi but they went to the playground first and only followed us the last hour. So, dapat lah jugak I used The Little Misses as models sekejap😀. The Little Misses pulaknya hari ni perasan sikit nak jadi models sebab they knew yang I had to take photos for this course so berposing sakan lah diaorang sekejap tadi, hehehe….

Layan aje lah ye a few photos that I took kat sekitar Freo and at the playground when we had our picnic dinner after penat menapak.


One of the statues that I took. Sape yang pernah pergi Freo mesti pernah ambik gambar dengan statue ni.


What’s this? I think it’s a part of an achor kot… Gambar mcm ni pun we all ambik jugak, hehehe


On tof of the Roundhouse.


Perasan artistic sekejap, hehehe…


Another set of statues (tak larat agaknya statues ni berposing hari2 kan😉).


Entah apa2 lah yang budak berdua ni tengah buat..

And at the playground



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