Meatballs and quiche

We went to IKEA this afternoon. Sejak IKEA pindah to the new location, we all memang tak pernah pergi lagi. So tadi tergerak hati nak pergi sebab nak cari a chest of drawers for Miss 6. We got her the cheapest IKEA drawers a few years ago, Kullen kalau tak silap namanya, but now dah tanggal all the bases of the drawers! I guess sebab Miss 6 ni jenis yang just shove everything in, so drawers yang tak muat tu pun she would try to muat kan everything so mana lah tak kopak the base kan. And probably sebab we got her the cheapest one tu yang tak tahan lama, hehehe.

Sampai kat IKEA tadi, punyalah terpegun sekejap tengok the new building because yang dulu cuma 1 floor aje and quite small. Yang baru ni pulak was quite huge (Perth standard kira besar lah, hehehe). I love jalan2 kat dalam IKEA sebab sambil jalan, sambil berangan. The Other Half pun macam tu jugak, sambil jalan, sambil berangan :-D. I especially love their kitchen areas, if only….

But unbelievable sungguh for me, I didn’t buy anything yang unnecessary. I cuma beli a laundry basket sebab ours dah koyak and a wide spatula so senang nak flip omelet and lempeng :-). We also bought a set of steel drawers for Miss 6 sebab we thought it would be a bit more difficult for her to wreck the steel drawers, hahahaha. Sian dia kena pakai steel drawers to put her clothes in. Takpelah once she’s a bit bigger, we’ll buy her a nice pine one that will last her until she moves out of the house.

Anyway, we had our afternoon tea there but biasalah kan cuma boleh drooling aje tengok their famous meatballs and chicken schnitzels, kalau kat M’sia memang dah lama lah we all makan. Rasa macam sedap sangat2 tengok gambar the meatballs tu. So, balik aje from IKEA tadi terus lah I buat meatballs. But since I tak pernah makan the meatballs set kat IKEA, I had no idea what they serve it with. When I asked The Other Half, he said most probably with chips or mashed potatoes kot. So, that’s what I did for dinner tonite, meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed veges.


Ada gaya IKEA’s meatballs tak? 😉

And this was what I made for our picnic dinner yesterday, roast chicken and mushroom quiche. See, still no nasi in our dinner yet!


Psst… Mamak celup sorang tu masih kuat lagi lah his will power. He still hasn’t asked for his rice and curry yet. Wei, sape boleh bagi I tips macam mana nak bagi dia mengalah ye? Sebab I teringin sangat2 nak makan honey lemon chicken ni. And nak makan ni, kena makan dengan nasi tu yang I tak boleh buat lagi. Once dia dah mintak kari and nasi dia, baru lah I boleh buat honey lemon chicken I, hehehe….


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