Bila lah nak pandai ni…

We went to the park lepas dinner tadi so The Little Misses could run around and I could put into practice my new found knowledge. Ye lah, orang kata the best natural lighting to take photos is an hour after sunrise and about an hour before sunset. Nak ambik gambar lepas sunrise, rasanya tak sanggup weh sebab sekarang sunrise pukul 5.20 in the morning mcm tu. Adalah nanti yang mengamuk tak tentu pasal kalau Mummy kejut suruh bangun pukul 5.30 pagi semata2 nak ambik gambar, hehehe…

So, I spent all the time kat park tadi pointing my camera at the girls, at The other Half and at the surroundings. Terperasan sekejap macam papparazzi :-). But then when we got back home and uploaded the photos, I was so disheartened :-(… I guess doesn’t matter how good the lighting is or how gorgeous the models are, kalau the photographer tak pandai ambik gambar and tak pandai guna the DSLR, the photos memang tak kan keluar cantikkan (I’m talking about me tau not anyone else). All the photos that I took look so tak cantik and tak menyerlah to me :-((. None made me go wow! Ini yang buat I rasa nak balik guna full auto mode aje, hehehehe….. But at the same time, it’s like learning anything new lah kan, sometimes it might take a long while before you can master it. And practice makes perfect kan ;-). But tang practice tu yang kadang2 I malas sikit, hahahaha….




And ini pulak gambar our dinner, beef nachos. Ye Tuan2 dan Puan2, we all masih lagi bertahan dari terkena godaan nasi, hehehe. Malam tadi I tanya lah The Other Half about this bet and the conversation went like this:

Me: So, you are still not hungry for rice yet?

The Other Half: It’s not that I don’t want rice. I just think this bet is a silly thing.

Me: Well, if you think it’s a silly bet, why don’t you just ask for rice and let me win then?

The Other Half: Even though I think it’s silly, doesn’t mean that I want to lose the bet 😀

Me: But you don’t care about the bet anyway so just let me win lah!

The Other Half: No can do! I still wan’t to win this bet since I know for sure that I can win!

Me: Fine then, if you won’t let me win, I’ll cook noodles for dinner every nite then. I don’t mind it at all but you hate it, so you’ll definitely be begging me for rice after 2 days of eating noodles, muahahahahaha (evil laugh ye tuan2 dan puan2 semua).

The Other Half: that’s called cheating since you know you’ll lose this bet, hahahaha….

So tonite, since dua2 still tak nak mengaku kalah, I made beef nachos for dinner.



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