Jom tengok wayang!


We all takde TV canggih, neither plasma nor LCD nor LED. Our fanciest TV is a  6-year old Sony Wega which is a crt only. Setiap kali pergi Harvey Norman or JB Hi Fi or Dick Smith, memang meleleh air liur tengok all these LCD and LED TVs that are on display. And everytime we feel like buying one, we always step back and said to ourselves, “we don’t watch much tv at all. the only time we watch tv is when the cricket is on and when we want to watch a movie so why do we need a bigger fancier tv?” So, we always ended up not buying one, hehehe.

Until a few weeks ago, when we found something more precious to us. We bought a projector! Definitely not the high end variety which cost $3k+ but the low end one aje :-). Since that day, we’ve had a couple of movie nights where we would set the lounge room to resemble a movie theatre. Ye lah, setengah orang ada their own special home theatre room but we all cuma ada lounge room aje, hehehe. But we love it so much sebab we finally could watch all our favourite movies on ‘big screen’ :-D. The Other Half setiap 10 minutes will say, “have I told you how much I love our projector?”  Oh Man, I truly agree with him, memang best giler ada projector ni, segala benda nampak besar giler, hahahahaha.. Tak boleh dah rasanya tengok movies on our ciput TV tu!

The Little Misses pun punyalah seronok tengok movies sekarang ni. But we could only watch it at night so far sebab nak make sure it’s dark so baru lah terasa macam kat cinema kan. And we love our off-white walls sebab tak payah susah payah beli screen, just project it onto the walls aje. Kalau lah tuan empunya rumah ni kalerkan walls dia green ke, purple ke, pink ke, memang tak jalan lah our home cinema, hehehehe..

And ini some photos I took of our movie session tonite (saje nak bagi adik beradik I jeles, hehehe). I tried using DSLR but I malas nak bega and nak adjust the light so tu yang ada gelap and cerah. The Little Misses siap ada tempat baring2 lagi nak tengok ‘wayang’, mana boleh baring2 kat cinema kan, hehehehe… And then bila I buat popcorns to eat during the movie, memang terperasan sungguh macam kat dalam cinema, hikhikhik…


See how dark it is. We had to shut the blinds, switch off all the lights, shut all the doors so less lights come in.


Our lounge room cum home theatre area :-D.


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