>Can we reach that 1 month mark?


Minggu lepas I betul2 mengidam nak makan nasi sampai termimpi2. But after we’ve passed the 2 week mark of not eating rice, my thoughts are not preoccupied with that little white grains anymore! Agaknya macam ni kot rasa orang merokok nak berhenti merokok, the withdrawal symptoms are at the worst in the second week. Once you’ve passed that mark, dah lega badan and dah tak ‘ketagih’ lagi, pandang nasi pun I dah tak kisah, hehehehe. Padahal I baru aje beli stock beras Basmathi 5 kg tadi (sebab tengah murah 🙂), but entah bila lah I nak guna agaknya kan.

The Other Half said, “Since we’ve already gone 2 weeks plus without rice, might as well make it to 1 month. We’ll start eating rice again at 1 month. It makes it more memorable than 2 weeks!” Hikhikhik, adakah itu bermakna his resolve is getting weaker by the day? I mengidam nasi last week, dia mengidam nasi at the 3rd week, hihihihihi… I said to him, “Doesn’t matter to me. If you want to admit defeat now, I can straight away cook rice for you now if you want to 😀.” Then he said, “Nah! That’s OK, I can live without it for a looong time!” Ishhhh… stubborn betul lah Mat Saleh sorang ni! Pastu dia cakap, “Or.. I can do a barter with you. You give me something I really want and like and I’ll give you the victory.” Wakakakakakaka ;-D. Tak payah lah I tulis apa yang dia nak tu ye, hahahahaha….

So, since dua2 masih degil and I’m still not sure about the bartering system, I masak lah ‘fish n chips’ for dinner malam ni. Since Sunday haritu, the temperature has been over 40s. Hari Ahad tu it got up to 43C, semalam it got to 42C and today it got to 41C. Memang panas sangat2 bila keluar rumah, tu yang kalau boleh nak makan simple2 aje.

I pun marinated some marinara mix in satay marinade and pan fried them for dinner. Makan pulak dengan home made baked chips and salad. So simple and yet so filling as well.


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