>Cuti dah nak habis ke?


Pejam celik dah tinggal a few more days before school starts. Kiranya tinggal next week aje lah for The Little Misses to melepak (macam lah sekolah kat sini tak lepak2 aje, hehehe). And back to being a Supir for me every day. But kali ni, the route to school will be different and I haven’t familiarised myself with the route. Ada banyak routes that I can take to go to that school, but nak pilih yang paling tak sesak in the morning and yang paling straight forward will take a few days I guess. And then, kat sekolah tu takde parking spots for the parents’ cars pulaknya. Everyone has to park at the nearby shopping centre and then take the kids to cross the road to the school. At least banyak jugak lah car park bays at the shopping centre so tak lah kena sesak2 macam at their old school. Once The Little Misses are a bit bigger, I can just stay in the car and let them cross the road themselves(at the zebra crossing with the lollipop lady’s help).

Going back to school this time will be interesting and exciting. The Other Half tanya Miss 10 semalam what her feeling was about going to a new school. She said that she’s a bit nervous and scared but excited at the same time. Ye lah kan, I pun akan rasa macam tu jugak if I were in her shoes. Budak2 lain in her class would have known each other since Kindy probably and she might be the only new kid on the block. I think dia cuma takut yang no one will befriend her at school and she’ll be alone. Dah lah she’ll be the youngest in her class (and most probably the smallest as well), tu yang buat dia lagi nervous. But she’s quite excited sebab she will learn music, dance and drama at this new school which she likes. Ye lah, sekolah lama dia sekolah agama so takdelah music and dance ni kan, hehehe. But sudah semestinya she’ll be left behind sebab takde basic in music at all. Hopefully, no one will pick on her because of that….

Miss 6 pulak tak kisah sangat benda2 macam ni. I guess sebab dia kecik lagi and she’s not that attached to her old school like Miss 10. She’s very excited nak masuk sekolah baru sebab she’ll be in Year 2! For her, being a Year 2 student tu dah kira sangat2 lah big girl nya, hihihihihi….

Hari ni I felt like baking so I pun bangun pagi aje terus suruh my BM menguli and I made nutella scrolls. I cuma guna the basic sweet dough as the bread base and just rolled it into a square and selebet nutella on it. Pastu, bakar dalam oven…


Yang tinggal selepas di baham separuh oleh The Little Misses…

And jeng jeng jeng…. Selepas berbulan2 menunggu, bagai menatang minyak yang penuh, akhirnya ‘lahir’ lah dia on our chopping board.


Sikit nya The Other Half memegang buah tembikai ini dengan penuh kasih sayang 🙂 (gebu kan tangan dia ni, hahahahaha). Berat lah jugak the fruit, around 2.5kg!



And setelah dibelah menunggu waktu untuk di telan. It tasted really fresh and sweet. Manakan tak rasa fresh, petik terus makan, sure lah fresh sangat2 kan :-).

The Other Half said he wants to eat duck with rice as his first rice menu. Dia nak makan Nasi Itik (nasi ayam style tapi ganti itik) yang macam dia makan kat Pavillion food court last month. He said the duck was so moist and tender, memang sedap sangat2 he said.  I memang seumur hidup tak pernah masak itik so memang tak tau macam mana nak masak. I’ve googled a few recipes but does anyone out there know how to cook duck that way?


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