>Another normal Thursday…


Nothing much happened today. Miss 6 went to work with The Other Half and I went shopping with Miss 10. A fair deal I say since I love shopping and he only does it under duress (unless it’s shopping for electricals and electronic gadgets). I even love to go grocery shopping you, teruk kan, hehehe. Even when I did the ‘back to school’ shopping for The Little Misses, we both went to the shop together but he went to the games and movies section while I stayed at the stationery section, ticking off the things on the school lists one by one by myself, hehehe. He earns the money and I help him spend the money :-D. The same goes with I cook the meals and he helps by eating all that I cook. (When he cooks, no one eats, hikhikhikhik 😉).

When I go shopping, kadang2 I tak suka sangat bawak both The Little Misses together to go shopping with me. Sebab nya kadang2 when they are in one of their moods, asik bickering aje sampai I nak shopping pun terbantut. But bila bawak sorang aje, seronok sangat2 because they are so well behaved when alone with me. Baik aje tolong I bershopping which makes my shopping experience so calm and relaxing, hahahaha…. Berjam2 kat shopping mall pun tak terasa :-D. And The Little Misses like going to Daddy’s work so bila tengah cuti2 and tengah boring2 macam ni, they take turns to go with The Other Half to work.

So, bila hati happy aje sebab dapat ber window shopping dengan seronok nya, masak dinner tadi pun happy aje lah kan (walaupun bukan masak nasi for dinner, hehehe)… We had grilled chicken with salad and lebanese bread. Lebih kurang macam kebab lah. I even made garlic sauce to go with it so our breaths now stink of garlic! (masa makan tu sedap aje tapinya 🙂).


Ini gambar jauh sikit…


And ini gambar close-up sikit, mana tau kan boleh buat orang terliur, hehehehe…

Psst… The Other Half was very sad sebab semua orang tak nak dia menang the nasi bet, hehehehe. He said his will power is still strong and masih belum goyah lagi. Dia mentioned the nasi itik tu sebab dia nak makan nasi itik tu as a victory meal bila dia menang the bet nanti! Kuikuikui…. Yo lah tu…..


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