>Dragon and drumsticks


It was such a nice BBQ weather today so we invited a few friends over and had a BBQ lunch. The Other Half is defintely chuffed sebab he’s getting better at BBQing. Masa tengah makan tu, dia bisik2 kat I, “I so love our BBQ. The chicken tastes nicer, the pizza tastes nicer..Ahhh..the smoky charcoal flavour…” Hehehehe…

Tapi bila dah sibuk2 hidangkan all the food and sibuk2 nak makan, lupa pulak nak ambik gambar dekat The Other half’s yummy BBQ piri piri chicken drumsticks and pizza. Well…. I yang buat the piri piri marinade and buat the pizza but dia bertungkus lumus masak :-)). I only took gambar jarak jauh aje (lebih kurang macam papparazi but without the telefoto lens lah tapi nya, hehehe).


And since gambar the food tak mengghairahkan, I tayang gambar lain lah ye :-).

I think I’ve mentioned before that Miss 10 has been going painting every Saturday and she’s been painting war models. Last year, when she got accepted into the GATE program, her Nana (aka my MIL) gave her a present which is a dragon model which she’s been eyeing for for so long. So, since balik from M’sia nearly a month ago, she’s been painting the dragon every Saturday and it’s been progressing really well. She normally spends about 3 hours painting it at the shop each time. Kalau I lah kan, sure dah sakit2 tengkuk and dah berpinar2 mata sebab kena tunduk aje and kena paint it in minute details. Tu yang bila dia painting, I pun pergi shopping :-). Much better to spend my time, hehehe…

Layan lah gambar her dragon..


The dragon was originally gray. Then she had to put the black base colour before she can colour it with other colours.



I think it’s quite a good job for a 10 year old. I know I don’t have this much patience to do all the details. Probably Miss 10 ni kalau suruh decorate cakes or cupcakes, sure jadi cantik agaknya kan sebab she can do all the tiny details yang Mummy dia malas nak buat, hehehehe…


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