>Australia Day and fireworks


It’s Australia Day today and since there’s 2 Aussies in the house (and since it’s a cuti day), we spent the day celebrating it by watching cricket on TV, having chicken sangers and chips at a picnic and watching fireworks in the city. Uish, ada sesape ke yang paham my Aussie slang ni? hehehehe…. Sape yang nak tau tu, cricket is a game and not the insect. Hari ni the game was a one-day game between Australia and Pakistan and Australia won the game. Sangers pulak is Aussie talk for sandwiches and chips are chips :-).

And I finally managed to capture some nice photos (well I think they are nice for someone like me 🙂) of the fireworks which I’m so happy with. Nasib baik lah pergi the course sebelum pergi tengok fireworks kan, kalau teh other way round, memang hampeh lah my photos, hehehehe…. Even The Other Half pun kata, tak sia2 dia suruh I gi the DSLR course, wahahahaha….

And before we watched the fireworks, we took The Little Misses to go on some rides in the city..


Yes, we’ve got camels here in Australia. We even have wild camels here which if I’m not mistaken they are exporting to the Middle East, hehehe…


I think she looks so sweet in this face painting of a mask :-).


Adik dia kan true blue Aussie so gambar kangaroo yang dia nak on her face, hehehe..


Sekali pandang macam muka catwoman tengah panjat dinding nak menceroboh masuk rumah orang aje kan. Dua kali pandang baru macam rupa Miss 10, hikhikhik…


Tak puas naik camel, naik pony pulak nya..


We all pun ada Eye of Perth :-)…

And now, jeng jeng jeng…. My fireworks pictures 🙂





I know it’s not the best shots of fireworks but for a beginner like me, I’m happy. I malas betul nak touch up kat photoshop sebab dah mengantuk. Kalau I touch up, agaknya lagi lah ‘wow’ ye, hehehe…


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