>What accent?


We have 2 Australians in this house but it’s very rare to hear pure Aussie accents coming out of their mouths.

When The Other Half talks, no one can figure out what accent it is :-). Some says American, some says Canadian tapi tak pernah orang kata dia Kiwi, hehehe. I guess when you were born a Kiwi but grew up in OZ, you tend to lose your Kiwi accent but not taking up the Aussie accent fully and then married to an Asian so bercampur aduk lah sikit ;-).

Miss 6 pulak is a true blue Aussie but she didn’t go to a nursery when she was young. I looked after her from birth until she entered Kindy. So, in a way, she learned to talk listening to me (which is a mixture of Malaysian and Aussie accent). Pastu, bila masuk sekolah, masuk pulak sekolah Islamic yang penuh dengan budak2 berbagai bangsa and languages. So, memang tak develop sangat lah her OZ accent tu.

Miss 10 pulak grew up listening to BM mostly until we moved to Adelaide. But she straight away went to a nursery yang penuh dengan Aussies and then pergi kindy and primary school yang penuh dengan Aussies as well. Masa tu memang pure OZ accent yang keluar dari mulut dia, hehehe…. But now, after so many years mixing with kids with English as their second language, her cadence has changed a bit. Tak lah pure sangat OZ nya.

But bila balik Malaysia, memang kadang2 kena gelak dengan sedara mara sebab they talk ‘funny’. Ye lah kan, bila dah selalu dengar kat TV American accent and dah terbiasa dengan American accent, bila dengar Aussie accent memang lah funny kan, hehehehe…..But it’s quite interesting with Miss 10, bila balik M’sia, she’ll still speak English but kadang2 dia tukar cara cakap dia ke ala2 gaya Manglish sikit. Maybe dia dengar cousins dia cakap macam tu so dia pun terikut2 lah :-). Miss 6 bila dengar kakak dia cakap lain sikit, dia pun ikut lah, hehehe.

Why this ramblings, saje je sebab I letak video kat bawah ni of Miss 6 reading Dr. Seuss. You be the judge whether she’s got Aussie accent or not.

Presenting Miss 6 reading Dr. Seuss ‘Marvin K. Mooney will you please go now!

Sorry lah, terlebih panjang pulak video ni. She wanted to read a longer Dr. Seuss but I pujuk her to read a shorter story instead. Kalau tak, mau berjanggut lah I tunggu video ni nak upload!


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