>Last day of Summer holidays…


The last day of Summer hols is finally here! Esok The Little Misses will start their day at their new school. The Other Half will be taking a day off esok to send them as well. Hopefully takde sapelah yang akan berlinang air mata, hikhikhik… Masa Miss 10 and Miss 6 first started full time school/kindy dulu pun I tak menangis on the first day, lagi lah sekarang kan after so many years, hehehehe…..

Is it because I ni bukan seorang Mum yang terlebih2 penyayang ke sebab tu I tak nangis?? Or maybe sebab I tengok The Little Misses happy aje at school sebab tu I tak nangis??? Hmmm… I wonder which one, hehehehe ;-). Kat WA ni, you start with Kindy then Pre-Primary before you go to Year 1. Kat South Australia dulu for Miss 10, she started with Kindy then Reception before she entered Year 1. Miss 6 is starting Year 2 tomorrow and Miss 10 is starting Year 7 tomorrow and I pray with all my heart that they’ll enjoy their new school, find good friends and have the best years there.

I pulak yang rasa nervous for them sebab for budak2 besar tu, the most important thing at school for them is to have friends kan. Miss 10 lah yang sure nya akan terasa sangat2 sebab sure lah all her classmates dah ada their own cliques or gangs or bestest friends kan whom they would have known from Kindy and she’ll be the new kid on the block. We’ve ‘adviced’ them not to rush in making friends, to just take their time in getting to know their classmates (and stay far away from the troublesome ones!!!).

We went to their school the other day to look at the list of class placements. Bila tengok Miss 10’s class list, banyak nama on the list yang bukan ‘mat saleh’  sounding names, mostly asian sounding surnames, hehehehe… Same goes with Miss 6’s class list. But the other Year 7’s and Year 2’s classes have more mat saleh’s names. Hmmm… that makes me wonder. Do they group all the non mat salehs into 1 class? Tak kan lah kan, maybe just me being paranoid kot. Because both The Little Misses have Mat Saleh surnames :-D. Nak sedapkan hati I, I told The Other Half yang Miss 10’s class ramai asian names sebab asians kan yang pandai2 ni so tu yang she got put in that class pandai, hikhikhik… Most probably her classmates tu semua yang got accepted into the GATE program nanti kat high school, tu yang they group them together kot. Pandai2 aje I speculate, hehehe…..

Anyway, malam tadi as usual on a Summer Saturday, we had BBQ. Lamb chops BBQ to be precise.


Cooking merrily on the Barbie.


We had the lamb chop with cheesy muffin, warm potato salad and sauteed veges. My lamb chop tu nampak gelap sebab I marinated them in kicap, honey, garlic, grated ginger, garam, fresh parsley and a sprinkle of chilli powder. Kira nya asian marinate but makan dgn western side dishes lah :-).


Ini pulak Australian ‘kasui’, hehehe. It’s lamington which The Little Misses have been asking me to make for a long time. Since esok dah nak sekolah so I made it for them to take to school for after lunch.

Malam ni, bermula lah kerja I as a makcik kantin again… Tiap2 malam/pagi kena buat bekal for The Little Misses to take to school.


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