>First day feelings….


Feelings on the morning of the first day of school…

Both of The Little Misses were excited to get up and get ready. But Miss 6 was feeling a bit tired sebab she woke up at 3.30 this morning to go to the toilet pastu susah nak tidur balik so she didn’t get a good sleep before the big day.

The Other Half was excited as well to get there early (macam dia pulak yang nak start sekolah, hehehe).

I was tired and sleepy like Miss 6 because I got woken up by Miss 6 pagi tadi and then waited quite a while for Subuh, pastu tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t sleep either so tu yang mengantuk giler pagi tadi.


Watching TV while waiting to go to school. Sekolah kat sini mula pukul 8.45 pagi so tersangat lah best nya sebab tak payah rushing nak keluar rumah pepagi buta.

Sampai aje kat Sekolah, I sent Miss 6 to her class and The Other Half sent Miss 10 to her class. Miss 6 macam biasa, buat the class macam her old class and straight away felt at home :-). She found the table with her name on it and then started organising her stuff in the drawer and looking so pleased with herself. I pun bila tengok dia happy aje, terus lah pergi ke kelas Miss 10 pulak.

Sampai kat kelas Miss 10, I saw her looking quite monyok aje. She told me she was feeling very nervous sebab all her classmates are so much bigger than her and they all looked so at home in the classroom unlike her. Memang dia terasa sangat2 macam the only new kid on the block. Kesian jugak kat dia but there’s nothing we could do. We just told her to show a happy face and try and have fun….

Lepas balik from sending the girls, The Other Half said, “I’m feeling sad now because I can see she’s so nervous. I really really hope she’s going to be okay!” Apalah my hubby ni, emotional betul, hikhikhik…. (nasib baik tak nangis you ;-D).

Anyway, when we went to pick The Little Misses up after school, The Other Half straight away pergi kelas Miss 10 sebab nak tengok how Miss 10’s doing. Dia takut kot2 mana tau Miss 10 tengah nangis or muka lagi bertambah monyok ke, hehehe. So kepoh betul pakcik sorang tu ;-).


Feelings after the first day of school…

Miss 6 said, “I played on the flying fox Mummy and now I’ve got blisters on my hands. It was so much fun!” :-). She’s definitely got her priorities right, hehehehe…

When I asked her did she make any friends at school, she said, “yes but I’ve forgotten her name.” And when I asked her was it someone from her class, she said, “no. a friend I met at the payground.” Then bila I tanya dia whether she had her recess and lunch with anyone, she said, “No. I ate by myself.” Alahai sedih I dengar bila she said that but then she told us that she doesn’t mind at all eating by herself. She doesn’t need company when she’s eating she said. :-).

When I saw Miss 10, she was smiling which made me feel so happy as well.When I asked her whether she enjoyed her day, she said, “everyone in my class was so nice Mummy, even the boys! And the teacher was really really nice as well. And I made 2 friends already and they were so nice to take me around the school to show me the area.” Then she said, “But you know what’s the best thing is? There’s no Abdullah in my class!”

Abdullah was this African boy in her old school who’s just unbelievably naughty and rude to everyone and annoying and disruptive in the class. He made the classroom experience hell for every one else. The teacher and the principal couldn’t control him. And Miss 10 was in the same class as this boy for 3 years! Can you imagine how bad it was! There’s so many times that I felt like spanking his parents for not teaching their kid manners!!

And suddenly at this new school, she finds out yang it is actually so peaceful and calm and enjoyable to learn in a classroom that doesn’t have a boy like Abdullah.

We finally feel so happy that we’ve definitely made the right choice for The Little Misses by taking them out of their old school and enrolling them in this new school.

It feels so good to see your kids smiling and happy after the first day at a new school….


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