>2 wheels now, 4 wheels later


The Other Half is a good teacher because he’s calm and not easily perturbed/panicked. That’s why he got the job of teaching The Little Misses how to ride a bike. And when they are at the right ages, how to drive a car :-D. I don’t think I have the right temperament to teach The Little Misses car driving and bike riding ni sebab sure nya lah I akan seriau lebih2 and awal2 akan suruh diaorang tekan brake. And yang sahihnya akan menjadi bahan gaduh disebabkan mulut I yang takkan berhenti membebel kat diaorang, hahahaha. Daddy gerenti takkan membebel macam Mummy :-). But I’m so not looking forward to that time yet! I would rather jadi supir for years and years and years still than bagi diaorang drive the car, hehehehe.

Sepanjang2 cuti Summer, don’t know why, tak pernah berkesempatan nak ajar Miss 6 how to ride a 2-wheeler bike. Basikal dah ada tapi masa/mood pulak takde :-). But since hari Isnin lepas, The Other Half said, “we have to start teaching her how to ride a bike so we can go riding again. She needs the exercise like me!” So, 3 hari ni, they’ve been going to the park at 5 to exercise, Miss 10 playing chasy with the neighbour while Miss 6 naik basikal. The Other Half pun exercised jugak sebab dia kena kejar Miss 6 masa mula2 belajar tu sampai semput dia, wehehehehe… But tadi, after 2 days of learning, she could ride quite a fair way and she was so happy with herself. The only thing we have to teach her now is how to start by herself and stop without falling over, hehehehe….

A few photos of Miss 6..


Push me Daddy, please!



Look Mum! I can do it now! 🙂

And since I nak ikut diaorang tadi to the park, i had to prepare and make dinner earlier so kena lah masak something yang still nice to eat when cold. I made smoked salmon and teriyaki chicken maki sushi.



Kadang2 cantik aje I gulung sushi ni but kadang2 memang tak jadi langsung, sememeh aje like tonight…. Nasib baik lah mak mertua I bukan Japanese kan, hikhikhik….


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