>Soalan tentang jodoh…


I ada account Facebook but I tak active FB, I tak main games langsung, I tak guna applications dia, I tak chat on it, occasionally aje I update my status and comment on friends’ status and I only joined a few groups in FB tu. The main reason I bukak account FB tu is untuk jejak kasih specifically jejak kasih kawan2 masa sekolah rendah, both sekolah menengah, matriks and also at uni. That’s the easiest way for me to find them and thanks to FB, I dah jumpa balik ramai kawan yang dah lama lost contact.

But since kat FB tu ada banyak details I yang quite private and connected to so many things especially about The Other Half, tu yang I amatlah berat hati nak accept friend requests from people. Bukannya I sombong or tak nak kenal but I really cherish having a private life. I’m not one of those people kat FB yang ada sampai beribu ribu kawan, jauh panggang dari api, but majority of my friends kat FB tu terdiri dari kawan2 sekolah from when I was 7 years old!

Sejak dah duduk terpelanting jauh dari M’sia, I feel like I need to get in contact with old friends and rellies. I guess it’s my way of making sure that even tough I’m far, they still remember who I am and most importantly, I still remember who they are :-).

Thus, I am very sorry kalau ada yang request to be my friend kat FB and I tak reply. Please don’t get offended by it. Sebab I lagi active kat blog banding kan dgn kat FB so I would rather kenal through blogs than through FB. Most of my FB friends tak tau I ada blog, which is hilarious kan. Kira macam I’m leading a double life lah kan, Clark Kent during the day and Superman when needed, wakakakakaka…..

Anyway, back to the story I want to tell, I accepted a friend request from a long lost friend from Matriks. We all dulu kampung sebelah menyebelah and my Mak used to teach him when he was in primary school. And my neighbour used to be in the same classes as him masa kat sekolah rendah. I tak pernah satu sekolah dengan dia ni sebab I ikut my Abah gi sekolah which was in a totally different zone. And nak jadi cerita, I used to have a big crush on him but for the life of me, I tak ingat bila pulak I had a crush on this guy, whether masa kat matriks or in high school, hehehehe. (Kalau dia baca blog I ni, mampus I kena pelangkung dengan bini dia!) Ye lah kan, bila dah tua2 ni, the years seem a bit blurry, hikhikhikhik… Either the years seem a bit blurry or ramai sangat boys yang I had crushes on sampai I lost count, wehehehehe… Uish, don’t get me wrong, study tetap study, crushes to cuma as entertainment on the side to make life more exciting :-D.

Anyway, he made a comment tadi which went like this, “ni nak komen…dah tak de pak we melayu ke….ambik mat salleh ni?” Hmm… I know he meant it as a joke and I shouldn’t be offended by it but I’ve been asked the same question so many times by so many different people sampai I don’t know what the right response is anymore.

I used to joke by saying, “Dah pakwe melayu tak nak kat kita, terpaksalah cari Mat Saleh!” But bila fikir balik, kesian pulak kat The Other Half bila I cakap macam tu, as though I only terima dia as a last resort or last choice. Which is far from the truth. Sometimes bila I tengah bad mood, I’ll answer back with, “pakwe melayu bukannya best, Mat Saleh lagi best!” (Please lah, jangan ada pulak yang offended giler2 sebab I cakap ni..). But bila I tengah in my rasional mood, I will just say “Melayu ke, Jawa ke, Mat Saleh ke, sama aje.. Dah itu jodoh yang ditentukan kita, tak kan nak tolak!” Which will normally shut them up!

Kalau I bagitau The Other Half about this guy’s comment kat FB, he will just shrug and say, “oh well, people can say whatever they like, they don’t know…” He is so right about that!

Enough of that story, I made stuffed canneloni tonite for The Little Misses and The Other Half but for me I made something a bit different. Canneloni tu I letak filling dia ricotta n feta cheese with meat and roasted tomatoes and chargrilled eggplants. And for me I buat eggplant rolls using the same filling but instead of canneloni, I used eggplants as ‘kulit’. Pastu curahkan dgn pasta sauce and then tabur cheese and pine nuts and baked it in the oven. The taste was surprisingly very good. Recipe dia lebih kurang mcm yang ini lah but I tambah benda2 dlm filling tu to suit my taste.


Ini lah rupa tube canneloni yang I guna.


The baked eggplant still dalam bakeware…


I’ve never imagined myself eating terung macam ni. Kiranya ni first time lah I cuba and it wasn’t bad at all. The Other Half memang would rather eat the canneloni than eat terung ni, vegetable kan, susah sikit nak masuk tekak dia! :-D.

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