>Sukanya dia…


The Other Half selalunya akan jenguk blog I probably once or twice a day kot. But hari ni, punyalah banyak kali dia jenguk blog I sebab nak tau berapa ramai yang sokong dia, hehehe. Let’s just say, he’s extremely happy that people aka my readers sehati sejiwa dengan dia, hikhikhikhik.. He said, “See Dear, most people have got good taste! They know which one’s the best one for me :-). You should listen to them!” Iyo lah tu jang… :-D. I said to him yang he can buy a Ninja if he wants to as long as he can find one that’s the same price as the Kymco, hehehehe… Evil betul bini dia ni :-).

But bila I peratikan Ninja tu kan, bila nak tunggang dia, memang kena tonggeng lah kan especially the rider kena betul2 macam nak meniarap dah. Pastu I tanya lah The Other Half, “Are you sure you can ride this? Where are you going to put your tummy and your spare tyres? Won’t your tummy be in the way?” :-D. Ye lah kan, kalau dia kena tunduk macam tu, surenya lah perut dia tu akan di squeeze against the petrol tank kan. I said to him, “surely you’ll get a tummy ache from being squashed, hahahahaha.” Tension aje The Other Half bila I mentioned his spare tyres, hikhikhik.

Pastu I tanyalah kat dia, “where am I going to sit?” He said, “there’s a seat there for you at the back. just nice for you to lean forward and hug me tight!” Then I said, “what if my butt gets bigger? the seat won’t be able to hold it anymore.” Then dia dengan senyum meleret kata, “well…. you have to stay slim then hey!” Ciss…

Kalau Kymco tu at least tak lah nampak sangat kena tertonggeng nya kan. And at my age, I don’t think I’ll look good on a Ninja anyway sebab I haven’t got the lonnnggg legs required for a pillion passenger :-). Kalau you tengok all the motorbikes advert, the girls on it mesti ada long legs, rambut panjang mengurai underneath the helmet, sexy body :-). Kiranya jauh panggang dari api lah kan, hahahaha. So tu yang I rasa kalau I nak jadi his pillion passenger occasionally, it’ll be much better on the scooter or the Kymco, hehehehe.

The Other Half is going to use the bike to go to work daily so tu yang memang kena fikir banyak kali jugak lah what’s the best one for him to buy. He said he’s going to ask the instructor’s opinion on what kind of bike will suit his ‘big-boned’ body :-). And then go for test rides with and without me on the back :-D. But he’s going to use the bike for work anyway, so bila lah akan ada masa untuk I naik bersama2 dengan dia. Kalau weekends, dah sibuk dengan The Little Misses activity and sape nak jaga diaorang kalau we all pergi on a joyride, hehehe… Nampak gayanya memang takde chance lah I nak jadi pillion rider dia selalu selalu, sob sob….

Anyway, malam ni I tayang dinners we all ye, last night punya and tonite punya.

Last nite we all makan beef schnitzel with herb damper and steam veges. Pastu I buat tomato relish untuk makan dgn schnitzel. Selalunya we all makan dengan tomato sauce aje sampai tak larat I nak telan tomato sauce tu! So, I pun buatlah tomato relish, resipi from here for a change. The Other Half mula2 tengok macam tak best aje sebab dia nak tomato sauce jugak but since I dah tunag on his plate, terpaksalah dia makan. Pastu he said, “it’s really nice and goes so well with the schnitzel!” Baru dia tau wife dia ni kandag2 pandai gak masak, hehehe…


And tonite, we had beer-battered barramundi and chips with home made tartare sauce. Kalau you all dapat jumpa non alcoholic beer/malt drink, try lah using it in the fish batter, it’s really nice. Kalau nak resipi, pergi sini ye. Sape nak recipe tartare sauce boleh guna recipe ni ye.



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