>Saturday, dragon, pau and meatloaf


Nothing much happened today. Miss 10 went painting with The Other Half while I stayed at home with Miss 6. I malas nak ikut diaorang gi bershopping and Miss 6 would rather lepak2 kat rumah playing Lego. Seronok jugak bila sekali sekala memerap aje kat rumah and cuma keluar bila jemur kain aje tadi :-).

Seperti biasa Friday night and Saturday night are our movie night so I can’t write much sebab nak tengok ‘The Mummy 2’. The Little Misses dah masuk tidur so now it’s ourt urn to watch some gory films :-). But before that, layan dulu a few photos that I took today.

Ini gambar the dragon yang Miss 10 has been painting since January. It’s still a work in progress but she’s done quite a lot more compared to the previous photos that I put up a few weeks ago.




We think she’s done a great job with it. I suka betul kat the grass on the rock tu. Nampak macam real aje pulak!

And since I duduk rumah aje hari ni, I tried my hands at making pau. Me and pau don’t get along well together, hehehe. Memang sentiasa berkedut and tak smooth pau tu. And then I saw kat blog Mamafami this rather nice looking pau recipe by Ani Ahmad. So, I pun teruja lah nak mencubanya sebab I finally ada stock double-action baking powder yang I beli kat Bagus dulu.

Yang nak tergelak nya, The Little Misses punyalah tak sabar menunggu pau tu siap and punyalah tension diaorang bila I told them yang we still need to wait for the pau to double in size first before we can steam them and eat them, hehehehe. Sebab diaorang teramatlah sukanya red bean filling tu (which I also bought kat Bagus 🙂). And these are my red bean pau.



Ada nampak gebus tak? Thanks Mamafami and Ani Ahmad for the marvellous gebu recipe!

And our dinner tonite courtesy of The Other Half yang tetiba datang angin kus kus and meng offer nak masak meatloaf. I pun walaupun wasn’t in the mood to eat meatloaf but rezeki jangan di tolak kan. So, teruslah agree aje with his suggestion since dia yang nak masak, hehehe..



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