>Tale of a 10 year old


Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Ramai ke yang dapat Angpau today? We all tak dapat angpau tapi dapat makan pau for breakfast leftovers from semalam, wehehehe….

Saje je buat lawak tak best sebagai the opening of the story I want to tell below… 😀

Ini ada satu cerita tentang kisah anak2 zaman sekarang..

Miss 10 ada kawan baik masa kat sekolah lama dia dulu. Kiranya kawan dia main kat playground, kawan dia borak2, kawan dia play chasey. Tapi her best friend ni happened to be a boy :-). Diaorang sangat lah kamcing sampai kan hari2 kena ejek dengan their classmates kata diaorang pakwe makwe but the good thing was, neither of them was bothered by the teasings they got. They still played together and borak2 together without any worries. But this boy is a year above her, she was in year 6 and this boy was in year 7 last year. But sebab their class was a mixed class Yr 6/7 combined, tu yang diaorang boleh jadi kawan baik sebab hari2 jumpa dalam kelas kan.

Towards the end of the year when they knew that they are going separate ways, him going to high school and Miss 10 going to a different school, she started getting to be a bit down sebab she would miss her best friend. But with the present technology, a friendship is just a click away so diaorang pun bertukar2 email address and bertukar2 present. Sebagai kenangan, she got a bracelet from this boy and Miss 10 gave him a keychain with his intial on it. So sweet kan! :-). And then she found out before school finished that the boy was going to be in KL for a few days while we were also there and punyalah excited dia.

So, before we left for M’sia and while we were in M’sia, she emailed this boy a few times to ask when he would be in KL so we (she!) could meet up with him. Tapi sungguh lah hampa nya dia sebab her emails went unanswered! We told her probably she got the email address wrong so the emails didn’t get to him. Punyalah baik kan Mummy and Daddy ni :-). Masa we all kat KL during the holidays, everytime we went to KLCC, she would be looking around just in case this boy would magically appear and she would bump into him, hehehe. Until lah we came back to Perth, still tak terjumpa this boy. (Macam cerita soap opera sedih aje kan, hahahaha).

And then, about a week ago, Mummy dearest suddenly had a brilliant idea. I had totally forgotten that this boy’s Mum and family are friends with a friend of ours and that their houses are quite near to each other. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! So, I ni pun sebagai Mummy yang baik hati rang my friend to ask a favour from her, could she please ask for this boy’s phone number from her friend, his Mum, or at least to relay our phone number to this boy so he could ring Miss 10 up if he wants to.

And then a few days ago, I got his number given to my friend by his Mum. Punyalah excited Miss 10 to finally be able to get in contact with her best friend. Terus dia nak call this boy tang2 tu jugak. But I said to Miss 10, “you don’t have to call him straight away. Just sms him whenever you have a free time. And if he doesn’t answer back, don’t worry ok. It means that he probably doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.” (Ye lah kan, tak nak lah nampak sangat yang Miss 10 ni so eager and tak nak lah Miss 10 kecik hati kalau budak ni tak jawab, hikhikhik).

So today, she finally smsed this boy and was so happy when he smsed back. Pastu berbalas2 sms sampai lah Daddy said, “don’t waste your money on too many sms. you haven’t got that much on your prepaid.” Hikhikhikhik….

Sekian lah kisah anak2 zaman sekarang. Kalau ada continuation of this story, I’ll blog about it later kay! hehehe

(By the way, we bought Miss 10 a prepaid phone so she can take it to painting every Saturday and to the Sunday class so she can ring us if there’s any problem. Other than that, dia tak guna pun her phone until today lah 🙂).

I was telling The Other Half yang I don’t think my Emak would have done what I did in regards to helping Miss 10 reconnect with her best friend who happens to be a boy. Probably my Emak would have said, “tak payah lah, apasal beria2 nak contact budak lelaki ni.” For me personally, I don’t mind, they are still young and they were really good friends at school so there’s nothing wrong for them to get in contact with each other :-)). It’s really so sweet anyway :-).

And ini pulak gambar The Little Misses pagi tadi in their baju kurung and tudung. Miss 6 looked so chubby in this photo, probably just the camera angle kot, hehehe..


And ini pulak our dinner tonite. I masak nasi malam ni sempena Chinese New Year, hehehe. I masak chicken stir fry and salt & pepper squid.


This was our salt & pepper squid. Miss 6 memang suka squid so dia pun melantak sama banyak dengan we all. Miss 10 pandang pun tak kisah!


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