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I tanya The Other Half semalam whether he had a fixed set of menu when he was growing up. Lebih kurang macam Sunday nite is roast chicken nite, Monday nite is pasta nite, Tuesday nite is Lamb chops nite and so on and so on. He said he can’t remember most of what his meals were like when he was growing up but he can remember having one pot pasta meal which his Mum loved to cook which he really hated and still hates and having loads of baked beans which makes him hates baked beans now. Tu sebab our household tak pernah ada baked beans and I tak pernah masak baked beans, hehehe. Even though kat OZ ni ramai yang suka makan baked beans on toast anytime and anywhere :-).

But he still remembers going to his Nenek sedara’s house and having the typical English style meat and 3 veg with lamb chop, boiled potato, peas and boiled cabbage all the time! He said Nenek sedara dia ni kalau boiled cabbage memang sampai kobis tu transparent abis lah and boleh nampak on the other side, hikhikhik. Sayur ruji kat rumah Nenek dia tu peas and cabbage aje lah sebab sayur2 lain tu kiranya sangatlah exotic including carrot :-).

Pastu dia tanya lah I what were my meals like when I was a kid. I said to him, of course lah rice, rice and more rice hari2 for lunch, what else was there anyway, hehehehe. Bila dinner barulah kadang2 makan mee or kuetiaw but selalunya leftovers from lauk pauk lunch. I rasa masa I dah besar sikit kot baru lah I jumpa burger and fries ni sebab duduk kampung kan. Tapi masa kecik dulu tu, makan nasi hari2 pun tak gemuk kan so nampak sangat lah bukan sebab nasi tu yang menggemukkan :-).

I guess in our household, makanan yang memang I gerenti akan masak weekly would be pasta and potato. Nasi tu tak tentu sangat, kadang2 twice a week, kadang2 once a week and kadang2 once every fortnight. But yang gerenti nya, I memang tak boleh masak nasi hari2 sebab memang akan ada lah yang meng komplen nanti. Tapi kalau masak potato hari2 takpe sebab The Other Half kata potato boleh buat macam2 cara, roast one day, mashed the next, fries after that, hash brown pulak lepas tu :-). Nasi pun boleh buat macam2 cara sebenarnya weh, cuma I guess tekak dia aje yang tak boleh nak telan nasi hari2, hehehehe. I boleh masak nasi ayam on Sunday, risotto on Monday, sushi on Tuesday, nasi goreng on Wednesday, pilaf on Thursday, paella on Friday and then buat rice pudding for dessert on Sunday, hahahahaha. Baru lah masa tu terkulat2 muka semua orang nak makan dinner :-).

Another dish yang I terpaksa masak most week is pizza. Kalau dah seminggu tak makan pizza, mesti The Little Misses akan mintak. Which was what Miss 10 asked for last nite. So, I pun malas nak fikir 2-3 kali, buatlah pizza for dinner tonite and everyone was happy :-).



frankfurt n pineapple pizza.


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