>parent teacher meeting


We had our first Parent Teacher meetings at the school petang tadi. But it was just a general meeting with all the parents not individual meeting lagi. So, kiranya dapat lah we all tahu how the teachers conduct each class, sebab each teacher has their own special way of teaching the kids and also what they expect the kids to achieve throughout the year. For new parents like us, memang wajib lah kena pergi meetings ni sebab masa ni lah nak tau all the rules and regulations and the way the school operates. And masa ni lah konon2 nya nak make sure the teachers kenal who we are kan :-)).

Macam kat old school dulu, they really discourage parents coming to help with readings in the morning. Tak tau lah kenapa, maybe diaorang takut kot we all nampak all the teachers’ kelemahan. Miss 6’s teachers last year, memang tak ‘suka’ bila parents masuk kelas and nak tanya diaorang soalan. They looked like they didn’t have the time to talk to us. But it’s only her teachers last year aje yg macam tu, yang lain tu OK.

But kat sekolah baru ni, they really want and appreciate when parents help to do morning readings. Masa I kat Adelaide dulu, when Miss 10 was in Reception and Year I, I selalu jugak tolong with the kids’ reading in the morning. Our jobs were just to listen to the kids read and then help them with the words yang diaorang tak boleh baca or yang diaorang sangkut and explain the meaning of the words kalau diaorang tak paham. Alah, bukannya lama pun kena tolong, around 15 minutes aje :-).

And with Miss 6’s allergy, kat sekolah baru ni, I had to fill in 5 forms in regards to her allergy, plan of treatment and macam2 lagi lah. Kat sekolah lama dia dulu, bila I tanya about what I needed to do in regards to her allergy, no one could tell me what the correct procedure is. Borang pun takde yang I nak kena isi because no one knows what the correct form is! I guess lain padang lain belalang kan :-). But most probably the truth was, diaorang a bit slack and tak cekap kot. Oh well, I’m so glad they are not there anymore!

For dinner tonite, I made baked chicken and sweet potatoes. Chicken tu I marinated dgn maple syrup, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar and mustard. Ok lah rasa dia :-). We all makan dengan ‘orange pasta’ which is actually sauteed carrots and also white bread.


Cantik kan the carrots bila buat mcm tu. I dapat idea from the Woolies advert kat TV, hehehehe…


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