>Tutorial membasuh pinggan mangkuk


For future reference for Miss 10 and Miss 6 since Miss 10 has been bestowed upon her by the King aka Daddy the chore of dish washing. But you definitely have to use Google translator to understand some of the text below :-).

1. Firstly, sebelum nak basuh pinggan mangkuk, make sure ada pinggan mangkuk yang kotor. Jangan pulak sebab nak sangat2 basuh pinggan mangkuk, you all pegi gelodah the kitchen cabinets in my dapur tu and bawak keluar cawan and pinggan yang bersih to be washed! I know it will look tempting sometimes especially when you think you can play with water and suds at the same time :-).

Make sure you go around the house to collect and search for dirty dishes especially dishes left on the dining table because some ‘people’ forgot to take them to the sink. Then stack them on the sink area and on the bench if there’s too many dishes or on the microwave :-). Stack them properly so they won’t fall on the floor and abis pecah lah Mummy’s plates and cups which is a big No No! hehehehe..

See the example given below:


2. Second, turn the tap to the furthest left so the water will be extra hot. Try not to feel the hot water with your bare hands unless you like the feeling of being scalded! (scalded not scolded but I guess if you get scalded by the hot water because of your silliness, you’ll get scolded by us after that, hahahaha 🙂).

Don’t forget to put the plug in at this stage though, or else you’ll be standing there forever waiting for the sink to fill up. Then you can add a small amount of detergent. Yes, we use the concentrated one so you don’t have to add half a bottle of it. I know it’s fun watching the suds getting bigger and bigger and I know you love blowing the bubbles around.

See the example given below:


3. Third, I normally start with the glasses and cups first because they are not normally that dirty. Put them gently into the hot water. I know sometimes when you feel like you hate doing the dishes, you will tend to throw the plates and the cups around. Unless you want me to marah you, then I advice you to put them into the sink gently. (Try not to be like Daddy who chipped the plates and cups all the time! But then bila I nak tukar our dinner set to Corelle yang can’t be chipped, tak bagi pulaknya, ish….).

See how nicely I put mine in. Tu sebab we all pakai plastic tumblers sebab kalau jatuh, tak pecah, kalau Daddy basuh pun tak chipped 🙂


4. Fourth, as soon as the first sink is full, turn the tap to the other sink and fill this one up. Do Not put detergent in this water because you’ll be using this water for rinsing. I would appreciate it if the plates and cups don’t taste of suds :-).


5. Fifth, this is the fun bit. Scrub, scrub scrub until they gleam and then rinse, rinse rinse. It can be quite therapeutic occasionally watching the dirty dishes become so clean and gleaming :-).

Arrange and stack the dishes nicely on the dish rack amd let the sun do the drying for you. Now your job is done!

(well, we might call you again to unpack the dishes once they are dry and put them away neatly…)



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