>Lamb and Anzac biscuits, an Australian Saturday


N3 hari ni kita layan gambar aje lah ye of what we did today.

Seperti biasa on Saturday, Miss 6 and I had a date at home today. I’ve promised her yang I’ll help her make Anzac biscuits for her ‘show n tell’ on Monday. She wanted to take the biscuits and the photos to school so she can talk about what she did on the weekend i.e baking biscuits with Mummy :-).


See how tekun she was sifting the flour, hehehe…


Kacau jangan tak kacau… Round and around we go…


Posing sebelum masuk oven. But I terlupa pulak nak ambik gamabr the anzac biscuits after dah masak, hehehehe.

And seperti biasa, we had BBQ for dinner. Kali ni we had lamb chops marinated in mint, garlic and limau purut. Pokok limau purut we all tengah berbuah dengan lebatnya, happy betul we all tengok sebab after 4 years, baru berbuah :-). Sedap betul combination limau purut n mint n garlic ni.

And then since we want the salad to have the same theme as the lamb, I made watermelon in lime,chilli n mint dressing and also avocado salsa. Pastu makan pulak dengan baked sweet potato n potato! Mak oi, mak mertua lalu kat belakang, memang tak sedar, hikhikhikhik….


Saje je I bagi pink background, hahahahaha….


Best tak our lamb chop and avocado salsa n watermelon salad n baked potato n baked sweet potato? 😀


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