>You know you are getting older when…


I used to hear people say bila umur makin meningkat, makin susah nak lose weight. I’ve never believed that until this year. Sebelum2 ni, even as late as last year, I find it not that difficult to shed the extra kilos that I’ve got hidden somewhere on my body. Kalau I kurang kan makan and exercise sikit, the weight will drop off easily.

Until this year! I tak tau lah what has gone ‘wrong’ with my metabolism after balik dari M’sia hari tu. The Other Half and I have been exercising and dieting for nearly 2 weeks now. The Other Half yang beria sangat nak lose some weight sebab dia nak his tummy to be kecik sikit by the time he buys his Ninja so I pun ikutlah sama berdiet n exercise ni. (Mana boleh dia aje yang cun bila naik Ninja nanti kan, I pun nak gak lah jadi svelte so boleh pakai leather pants and jacket dengan anggun nya, wakakakakaka).

We do 30 minutes of exercise on the eliptical and we’ve cut down on our sugar and fat intake. The Other Half have also cut down on his portions and junk/snack food intake. His weight has dropped everyday so far and dalam masa nak dekat 2 minggu, he’s lost nearly 3kg! And of course lah lepas tu, you’ll ask how much have I lost so far kan since he’s lost that much. I am so peeved sebab I haven’t lost any weight whatsoever!!!!!! Not even a measly 100g!!!Tension gilerssssss!!!!!!

The Other Half nak senang kan hati I, he said, “maybe you’ve lost the fat but you gained the weight back straight away on muscle mass which is heavier than fat.” I wish!!! Sebab I can still see the fat everywhere and not muscles, how is that so????

So, I definitely think it’s because I’m getting older and the fat cells dah mampat sangat so diaorang tak nak budge dah :-). It’s so disheartening when you exercise and reduce your food intake and yet the weight is still to stubborn to move. The Other Half kata, “It doesn’t matter if the weight doesn’t drop off as long as you are getting fitter from the exercise.” Dia senang lah nak cakap since he is losing the weight. Kalau it happened to him, sure nya dia akan tenson gak ye tak, hehehe. I don’t want to lose a lot, cukuplah if I can lose 2 kg aje. The Other Half kata he’s got so much fat to lose tu yang senang aje berat dia nak turun, hikhikhik…. Klaau by next week, my weight still tak turun gak, I’m definitely going to go on a strike. Boikot tak nak exercise lagi dah, hahahahahaha….

(Even Miss 6 has lost some weight after going back to school which is such a relief, hehehehe.)

But I guess if I makan banyak macam ni, macam mana lah nak turun berat badan kan. Look at my dinner plate yang penuh dengan food :-).


Roast chicken with sauteed potatoes and veges.

And ini pulak gambar our pokok limau purut yang dah lagi tinggi dari I :-).



Cantik kan the buah limau purut ni. But tak banyak sangat juice you can get from 1 lime sebab kecik aje kan. But the zest is really nice in marinades and in cheese cake :-).


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