>The wall did it!


The Other Half teringin nak makan egg benedict and cooked breakfast for dinner. So, I pun tanya lah di, “you mean poached eggs and hollondaise sauce?” He said, “that would be so good if you can make it!” Sepanjang2 and selama2 I kahwin dengan dia (macam lah pernah kahwin dengan orang lain, wehehehe), I tak pernah sekali pun cuba buat poached eggs. Why you may ask? Entah lah, everytime I surf or tanya orang or read cook books about poached eggs, every time, they’ll say it’s quite difficult to get the perfect poached eggs. Macam2 cara you have to do to get a perfectly shaped and rightly poached egg. So, I ni kan biasalah, bila something yang agak rumit and leceh ni, memang lah I malas nak buat, hehehe.

And then bila suddenly The Other Half teringin, I pun siap lah baca cara2 on ‘how to poach an egg’ and dah set my mind to making it. But at the last minute, tiba2 dia nak scrambled eggs pulak! Ciss, penat aje I focused my mind to make poached egg, hehehehe. But I would rather make scrambled eggs anytime than making poached eggs :-D. But I still managed to make the hollondaise sauce to be eaten with the scrambled eggs. The Other Half kata, “Luckily I’m on a diet, or else, I would have licked the hollondaise bowl clean!!! It is so good!” Memang lah benda2 creamy ni kesukaan dia, hehehe.


We had scrambled egg and smoked salmon on english muffin with hollondaise sauce.

And ini pulak gambar Miss 6 tonite. Can you see anything different on her face?


This is what happened when the wall suddenly jumped out infront of you ;-D. Budak sorang ni kan memang lah. We had no idea how she didn’t see the big wall in front of her and straight away smacked bang into it! Pastu, teruslah meraung and terus lah Mummy kena letak ice pack on her forehead. Instead of having dinner quietly, she had to have dinner with ice pack on her forehead. Parut kat her pipi from the bike fall masih belum hilang lagi, ini dah tambah 1 benjol besar kat dahi pulak.


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