>Come on people, learn to drive!


You know Uni has started when there’s suddenly so many stupid drivers on the road and the road was blocked because of these drivers!

This morning, lepas hantar The Little Misses to school, the return journey on this particular stretch of road will usually only take me the most 5 minutes. Pagi tadi it took me about 15-20 minutes kot sebab of drivers yang tak tau nak merge and this one particular stupid or most probably ignorant driver who wanted to change lane into the left lane at that particular point where the 2 left lanes are merging into 1 lane. So, obviously lah takde sape lah yang akan bagi dia masuk mencelah into the busy left lane kan sebab diaorang tengah concentrate nak merge nicely so buat apa nak fikir pasal this stupid driver. And instead of realising yang she’s holding up the traffic behind her, dia buat tak tau aje and still waited for the left lane drivers to let her in. Dah lah holding up the traffic in the morning masa semua orang tgh busy nak gi kerja, pastu holding up the traffic on the right lane on the highway pulak tu! What the….!

Pastu agaknya orang belakang dia honked dia non stop kot, baru lah dia changed her mind and went straight ahead instead of masuk into the left lane. Padahal punya lah lengang the left lane infront of the merging area and yet she chose to nak change lane masa kat merging area tu. Tak ke bangang namanya tu! And then when I passed her car, memang lah sangat2 meng confirmed kan stereotype yg perempuan Asian tak tau bawak kereta, tension I sebab I pun tergolong dlm perempuan Asian tu! Geram lah I sebab nanti orang ingat I pun tak tau bawak kereta semata2 I ni perempuan Asian, hish! Pastu siap pakai long gloves lagi masa driving sebab tak nak kulit putih dia terbakar dek sunlight. Pakai long gloves tau, drive kereta tak tau!

Macam mana lah I nak drive hari2 ni kan sebab baru aje first day Uni bukak I dah geram kat some drivers, hehehehehehe..

Maybe we should move and live somewhere far away from any Uni kot….. :-D.

And then I pelik gak dengan perangai some of these students especially the asian/chinese students who live around my house. They love to jalan on the road instead of the foot path sambil borak2 sesama diaorang or sambil borak2 on their mobile or sambil dengar iPod. Pastu buat tak tau when they see a car coming as though it’s their rights to jalan on the road and we have to give way to them. Tadi I nak turn right from the main road into the side road. Boleh diaorang berdiri on the slip way sebab diaorang nak cross the road. Nasib baik lah I tak langgar diaorang.

Hello!!!!! I tau lah my car is not a 4 wheel drive and tak kaler merah so most probably you can’t see it. But kalau I langgar you, kereta I tak kemek but most probably badan you kot akan kemek. That’s what the divider and the foot path are for. For you to stand and walk on them instead of walking on the blooming road! Diaorang pandang I macam tak bersalah sikit pun! Kalau The Other Half yang tengah driving, surenya dia akan kata, “Can I hit them, can I hit them? There’ll be one less stupid people!” I know it’s really cruel to say that but if you tengah drive and suddenly you see people just walk lenggang kangkung on the road in front of you, sure you tension jugak kan :-).

Ish… kalau cerita pasal budak2 Uni ni, memang tak habis, hehehehe….

Meh cerita pasal dinner pulak. I made beef schnitzel and chips and sauteed veges for dinner tonite. The Other Half nak makan kari yang macam I masak dlm oven hari tu. I malas betul nak makan nasi and kari ni, hehehe. So I pun buatlah schnitzel which is another favourite of his.

(Esok ye I masak kari Yang! Wakakakakaka….)

Kalau nak buat schnitzel kena ada tepung, telur and breadcrumbs. Tadi I letak paprika sikit kat dlm tepung tu. I letak salt n pepper dlm egg tu and then I letak dried herbs and grated parmesan dlm breadcrumbs to flavour the meat a bit. I guna beef tadi. You can use whatever meat you like as long as you flatten the meat so senang and rata lah masak dia nanti.


First you celup dalam tepung, then celup dalam egg and then golek kan dlm breadcrumbs. Lepas dah siap, refrigerate the schnitzel so bila masak nanti tak lah tanggal the coating from the meat.

But I lupa nak ambik gambar cara2 nak buat, hehehehe. But I did manage to ambik gambar the schnitzel yang dah siap di goreng :-).


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