>Kids and exercise


The Other Half and I both agree that Miss 6 is getting a bit too chubby for her height. When both of us were her age, we were as skinny as a rake so obviously we couldn’t blame her chubbiness on genetics lah kan. And her sister is also on the slim side. I guess I can put the blame solely on me for feeding her all these fattening food and also for having excellent cooking skills (Muahahahahaha, sila muntah sekarang ye 😀).

Masa Miss 10 was growing up, I was just starting to harness my cooking skills so my food repertoire tak lah banyak sangat and probably tak sedap sangat at well :-). But then, by the time Miss 6 was born and while she was growing up, my cooking skills have improved tremendously sebab I was eager to try my hands at cooking and baking so many different things. And so bila Mummy can cook and bake, Miss 6 pun suka lah nak try/test/taste and then eat all the things I cook, hehehehe. And when you are a Mum, when your kid loves your food so much, you pun bagi aje lah dia makan sampai lah dia kenyang kan or sometimes sampai dia terlebih2 makan bila sedap sangat (macam we all jugak lah kan, bukan tak boleh makan sikit but kadang2 tu sebab sedap sangat, makan sampai bertambah2!).

Anyway, I have already started to reduce her food intake very gradually. I’m not letting her starve OK but I’m teaching her to eat only when she’s feeling hungry instead of eating when she feels like snacking. Sebab dia ni kadang2 baru aje lepas makan breakfast pun boleh feeling peckish 10 minutes later. Bukan nya sebab dia lapar tapi dia tau yang kat dalam pantry tu ada banyak food yang dia boleh makan :-). Lebih kurang sama macam Daddy lah, tu sebab badan pun lebih kurang Daddy, hehehehe… And I’ve increased her vege/fruit intake as well (which is not an easy thing to do 🙂) and cutting down on snacks.Kalau I drastically change her eating habits, sure dia akan tension habis but kalau I change bit by bit, insyaAllah she won’t notice much.

And we’ve also set aside 30 minutes each day for her to do some exercise/fun games at home. Masa I kecik2 dulu, tiap2 petang mesti main either galah panjang, main lompat getah, teng-teng, rounders or main basikal satu taman. Tu yang kurus aje kan sebab asik main sampai tak ingat nak makan. My kids bila balik from school, they have their afternoon tea, then rest for an hour before start doing their homework. Lepas tu dah time for dinner and then before 7 dah dusk so macam mana nak main kat luar kan. Kira takde masa nak beriadah lah. So, what we’ve ‘proposed’ is for The Little Misses to have 30 minutes after their rest period to play outside kat depan rumah. Tak kisah lah main catch n throw or main sepak2 bola or main kejar2 but it has to be keluarkan peluh type of game. Sambil tu I pun kena main sama sebab nak supervise diaorang outside the house so I pun dapat gak buat extra exercise ni kan :-).

Pagi tadi we went bike riding which was so much fun and petang tadi, The Little Misses played ball outside with The Other Half. Daddy is trying to teach the girls how to play cricket :-).








Miss 10 terpaksa stayed inside to finish her school work before she can play outside.


Yeay, I’ve finished my homework and now I can play too.

And for dinner, I made salmon patties makan dgn oven baked chips and salad. Both the girls finished their salad, yeay, hehehe…



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