>Our exercise nook


I’m just too lazy tonite, nak update blog pun rasa malas sangat2, nak exercise pun rasa malas sangat2, nak iron baju pun malas, hehehe. But makan tak malas pulaknya!

Since, I malas nak buat everything, layan aje lah these photos ye.

Ini gambar our exercise corner. I said to The Other Half a few weeks ago yang alangkah best nya kalau dapat tengok movies while doing the exercise. Tak lah terasa berat and lama sangat nak exercise for 30 minutes tu kan. And he totally agrees with it so he set up the spare computer right in front of the eliptical on top of the chest of drawers. Voila, now we can watch dvd and also surf the net while exercising, hehehehehe. And once we put the earphones on and shut the door, we can’t hear anything else, lost in the movie world :-).


The Other Half likes to watch series that’s 50 minutes long like Dexter sebab kalau boleh dia nak exercise for 50 minutes each time. I pulak suka watch series or shows yang 30-40 minutes long sebab that’s the max I want to exercise each time. Tak sanggup lah I nak exercise lebih2 ni, hehehe. For the time being, we are only doing the eliptical for our exercise. The Other Half malas nak buat Wii bersama Maya sebab he said he doesn’t burn that much calories exercising with her, hikhikhik… I pun malas gak lah nak exercise dengan Maya sorang2 ni. Kalau we all a bit rajin, we’ll do the weights as well (itu pun kalau rajin lah which is very jarang jarang one, hahahaha).

And our dinner tonite, Italian-style rice, vegetable risotto with sausages. Risotto ni nice but leceh nak membuatnya cos you have to stand in front of the dapur and ladle the liquid one ladle at a time sambil kacau the beras sampai lah masak which can take 20-30 minutes. Lagi senang nak masak nasi dalam rice cooker tu, tinggal tekan butang and walk away…



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