>8kms of cycling


Our Saturday started with $200 melayang even before any of us keluar rumah pagi tadi. I wanted to go grocery shopping pagi tadi but bila I tried starting the car, tak nak hidup langsung the engine. The car battery has died overnight so terpaksalah beli and ganti battery baru. The last time we changed the battery was exactly 2 years ago! It was supposed to have last us 3 years but due to weather condition and the bonnet being exposed to extreme heat everyday, it didn’t last that long. Well, this was what the battery guy told us anyway, betul ke tak tu I have no idea. Mana nya tak extreme, temperature semalam got to 42C! Luckily hari ni it was cooler a bit.

The Other Half jokingly said, “I’ll go to a car workshop and buy a battery and fix it myself! 🙂” Muahahahaha, nak tergelak I dengar. This coming from a guy who does not even know how to open the bonnet of the car without having to read the car manual book! Perasan nak pasang battery sendiri konon, wahkahkahkah. So, terpaksalah panggil orang to come and fix the car, tu yang melayang $200 just for the battery. Nasib baik service free sebab ada roadside assistance card. Hopefully this battery will last us 3 years lah :-).

Then bila the car was fixed, the 4 of us went cycling. Miss 6 managed to do 8km today without falling off, suffered any accidents and she also managed to get on the bike by herself without any help from us. Yeay for her! :-). Pastu dia perasan terer, turun bukit pun sikit nya ‘laju’ ke, nasib baik tak jatuh, hehehe. We were so impressed with her today. Budak2 ni kan cepat betul learn new stuff kan unlike her parents the oldies, hehehe.

I know it’s Saturday but The Other Half malas nak ber BBQ sebab he said he’s so penat. Ye lah, pagi tadi berbasikal, pastu lepas lunch pulak he went on the eliptical for 50 minutes. Manalah tak penat kan! I will have to ambik gambar dia once he’s slimmed down lah so people can go, “Wow!!! Cun jugak dia ni ye!”, Muahahahahaha…. gelak guling2 I dulu :-).

Since, tak buat BBQ, I masak fish kebab aje on the stove top and makan dengan spiced couscous. We all ni jarang makan couscous but sekali sekala makan, sedap pulak rasanya :-). Ye lah kan couscous ni bukannya makanan staple I masa kecik2 dulu nor The Other Half’s staple food so tu yang jarang buat. The Little Misses makan jugak couscous ni but not their most favourite food kot :-D.


And then we had panna cotta with strawberry compote (aka strawberry cooked in sugar syrup). The Other Half bila makan panna cotta tu terus kata, “stuff my diet tonite! I’m having a second serving!” Hikhikhik…. Sape nak recipe panna cotta yang I buat boleh tengok kat sini ye. But kalau you all nak yang bahan2 dia senang cari kat M’sia, you boleh tengok recipe kat sini.


And ini pulak banana loaf I made semalam. Bila Summer ni memang ada abundance of bananas and bila hot weather like seminggu dua ni cepatlah bananas tu ripen kan so dari terbuang, I pun buatlah kek.


I guna recipe ini but seperti biasa, I godek2 and ubah2 recipe orang, hehehe. I guna 250g tepung naik sendiri and tambah 10g cocoa powder. Pastu I guna 4 biji pisang montel instead of 3. Then I ganti 1/2 cawan canola oil for the butter sebab I malas nak melt the butter 🙂 and kononnya nak lebih healthy lah. Jadi gak moist and very banana-y.

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