>My malas dinner


You know I malas nak masak when we have spag bol for dinner like tonite :-). As long as ada beef mince and a jar of Leggo’s, I’m happy!


It’s got protein, carbs and veges and it tastes good, what else do you want right! :-). Kadang2 I feel so motivated to cook fancy and complicated food at weekends but selalu selalu nya, memang unmotivated langsung lah, hehehe. But I did manage to make loads of karipap today :-).

Miss 10 tanya I ada party ke esok sebab tu I buat karipap berlambak2. I told her yang it’s so much easier to make lots and then freeze them for whenever they want to have karipap for lunch at school. Sebab diaorang ni suka makan karipap and diaorang tau yang freezer kat rumah ni ‘magic’ sebab anytime diaorang terasa nak makan karipap, terus dapat, hehehe.

I lagi seronok kalau diaorang nak karipap for lunch cos I tinggal goreng aje pagi2 tu so tak lah susah2 pening kepala nak fikir about what to pack in their lunch boxes. Actually The Little Misses ni tak lah fussy sangat when it comes to their lunches. Miss 10 is quite happy to have sausage rolls 5 days straight and Miss 6 is quite happy to have karipap 5 days straight, hehehe. But I selalunya rotate between sausage rolls, karipap, paratha puffs, burger and meat/cheese sandwiches and leftover pizzas or sushi. The Other Half pulak lagi senang, any leftover dinners will do for him, hehehehe. Esok, The Other Half will have spag bol for his lunch from tonite’s leftover, easy peasy lemon squeezy :-)!

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