>Bitten by the bug


We have suddenly got bitten by the camping bug (we think we’ve got the camping bug but it hasn’t been officially diagnosed yet 😉). We got this camping bug once before about a couple of years ago and we went on a shopping spree buying everything you can think off to go camping. Punyalah teruja sungguh masa tu nak pergi camping that we bought a 3-room tent lagi! And guess how many times we went camping after that?

Only once!!!! Muahahahahaha. We went to Busselton. It took us so long to erect and set up the tent and then it rained the whole weekend we were there and it was freezing cold as well that we had to put a heater in the tent just to get warm, wehehehe. Mana lah ada orang lain pergi camping bawak heater kan except us. I told The Other Half yang I will only go camping kalau I can take all my creature comforts along tu yang segala macam benda and unnecessary stuff I bawak just to go camping. The car was packed macam nak pergi camping sebulan padahal pergi 2 malam aje, hahaha. Pastu terus fed up nak pergi camping lagi dah 🙂 and the tent has been lying dormant in the store cupboard since then (Entah2 dah kena makan dek moths kan).

But The Little Misses still remembers the ‘excitement’ of going camping that they’ve been begging us to go again. The Other Half kata next time kalau we feel like going camping again, we are going minimalist, only bawak the necessities only and definitely not the 3-room tent!

So, the other day we saw this nice compact tent on sale, big enough for the 4 of us so we all beli lah. And now suddenly, we’ve got bitten by the camping bug again. Sekarang ni we all tengah mencari a nice camping site to go to that’s no too far away and still have all the amenities (hot shower, clean toilets, BBQ area or camp kitchen kalau ada, close to the beach/river, hiking track and no dogs allowed). We’ve found one but bila we called them up, they are fully booked until June! So disappointed :-(. Takpe, there’s still so many camping sites around Perth ni that we can try. That’s why I love living here, so close to everything :-). Can’t wait to go camping, hikhikhik.

Malam ni for dinner we went Japanese. I made maki sushi and also tempura. I dah selalu sangat tayang my maki sushi so malam ni I tayang our prawn tempura on sushi lah pulak :-).



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