>Heavenly soto :-)


The Other Half caught the red-eye flight to Sydney this morning. I only woke up just in time to wave and kiss him off at the door and then went straight back to sleep lepas tutup pintu, hehehe.Memang betul2 tak mithali lah I ni :-). Macam mana nak hantar dia pagi2 buta sebab sape nak jaga The Little Misses kalau I pergi hantar dia kan. Luckily it’s not that difficult to book a taxi here.Dia balik nanti pun I tak ambik kat airport sebab at night time and I malas sikit nak drive on a Friday nite ni (the roads are full with people keluar berjoli!).

And as soon as dia balik, we are going camping!!!! Yeay, hehehe. The Little Misses dah tak sabar2 nak pergi camping this weekend (we all pun excited gak sebenarnya 😛). But we are only going for 1 night. Konon2nya just to see if we really like it or not. If it’s really enjoyable, we are going to go again for longer. If I tak buat entry about the camping trip, maknanya memang tak best langsung lah tu, hikhikhik…

Oh ye, Ini I jumpa gambar our 3-room tent when I selongkar my ‘gerobok’ photos when we went camping 2+ years ago. Punyalah siksa The Other Half and my brother nak pasang the tent and punyalah lama we all kena tunggu nak masuk dalam tent tu, hahahaha. But once dah pasang, macam ‘istana’ aje ;-D.


The Other Half and I tidur in 1 room and the rest tidur in the other room. Room yang tengah2 tu we all jadi kan area to put all our stuff and to lepak2 at night when it was way too cold and too dark to lepak2 outside.


It’s a nice tent tapi it’s way too big just for the 4 of us nak pergi camping. So, kenalah downsize sikit :-). Kalau I nak angkut my extended family pergi camping, barulah boleh guna tent yg bagak ni, hahahaha.

And guess what I made for dinner tonite? Soto!!!! Siap dengan bergedil lagi tu, hehehehe. I sebenarnya tak suka bergedil makan dengan soto, don’t know why. But tadi I was thinking to myself, maybe I should give bergedil+soto another try, manalah tau kan, sedap pulak kali ni. So, tu yang I made bergedil sekali. And after eating it tadi with soto, I still don’t like it. I love the bergedil but not with soto. Takpe, I can freeze the bergedil to eat it with chili sauce another time :-).


Jauh sikit…..


Dekat sikit…..

I have to exercise tonite sebab I makan soto sampai 2 mangkuk malam ni! Punyalah lama I tak makan soto ni tu yang pulun sakan. Masa balik M’sia hari tu pun tak sempat nak makan soto sebab asik makan KFC, McD, KFC, McD…..


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