>One night or one month?


You all rasa kan, we all ni terlebih semangat tak nak pergi camping ni? Sebab nak pergi camping sehari aje pun siap ada check list lagi! :-D. Kalau nak pergi camping seminggu, mau panjang berjela kot the check list, muahahaha. Nampak sangat lah bukan a camping pro kan we all ni. Kalau orang yang dah biasa gi camping tu, I rasa sure nya dah gelakkan we all bila tengok our camping gear and extra stuff. Nasib baik lah The Other Half helped organised and punggah the camping gear from the store cupboard before he left for Sydney. Kalau tak, mau lah I terkontang kanteng sorang2 cari segala benda.

I’ll show you some of the stuff OK tapi jangan gelak! (well, kalau nak gelak, gelak lemah lembut ye, hehehehe). I belum habis pack lagi ni :-). Sila abaikan the mess ye.


This is our style, we all just humban all the stuff we need on the futon (a few days before the event) so we know that we don’t have to search high and low for the stuff on the day itself. (The Little Misses want to tell you that it’s 2 more sleeps to camping day 🙂).

Our new tent is in the dark blue case leaning against the futon. Kecik aje kan banding dgn the 3-room tent, hehehe. The green suitcasey type thing is our portable and foldable table n chairs. Kalau nak main mahjong or gin rummy on that table, memang sesuai benor lah, hahahaha. The campsite yg we all nak pergi weekend ni jauh sikit dr their camp kitchen and eating area tu yg we all bawak segalanya.

1 box penuh dgn stuff like torch lights, bed pump, airbeds, lantern and what not. And 1 lagi box penuh dgn cooking stuff including a gas burner and also toiletries. Not in the picture is a big chilly bin (chiller box) filled with food :-). Mana lah kan tak penuh the car! Nasib baik tak bawak sinki dapur sekali! :-D. Luckily lah our car tu ada big boot space, kalau we all bawak Daihatsu Mira, memang tak muat lah, wekekekeke.

The grey rubber mats on the top tu we all letak on the floor of the tent so tak lah sakit kaki jalan atas ground yg keras tu. We all ni kan perasan princesses tu yg mengada2, hehehehe. Hmmm…. maybe I’ll tell The Other Half tak payah lah susah2 bawak the rubber mats just for 1 night kan.

Apa lagi ye yang I’ve forgotten? 😀


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