>We did go camping!


We’ve made it safely back home, Alhamdulillah. And we are all exhausted, both from lack of sleep (for The Other half and me) and also from the trail walk. We had fun camping and can’t wait to do it again when the weather has cooled down :-). It was quite hot semalam and hari ni so I guess that made it a bit more exhausting kot.

The only depressing bit was our phone takde reception even though tempat yang we all pergi ni cuma an hour drive away from Perth! Apalah Vodafone, memang tak best betul, hehehe… So, kiranya memang we were cut off betul2 lah from the phone and the net. I said to The Other Half that no one could contact us while we were at camp. Then he said, “As though we are so popular and people want to contact us!” Hahahahaha…..

We got to the camp site early sebab nak pasang the tent awal while it was still a bit cool. Kalau pasang masa tengah2 hari buta, Mau lah pengsan with the heat and all. And kali ni, pasang a small tent was such a breeze banding dengan tent yang besar gedabak tu, wehehehe. The instruction pun tak lah complicated and easily understood by us yang memang not camping-savvy ni :-D. It didn’t take us the whole morning to set up the tent which was a miracle, hahahaha.

Some photos that Miss 10 took of us putting up the tent.

Dear, I’ll read the instruction and you listen carefully and do as instructed. Hehehehe


This one’s connected to this thing and this thing’s connected to that thing…….


Raise it gently…


Told you we could do it!


Now, it’s The Little Misses’ turn to help Daddy with pegging down the tent.



And it’s lunch time before going trekking.


I’ll put up some more photos esok lah ye…. Tak larat dah nak bukak mata ni :-D.

And since we came home earlier than expected tadi, I pun masak lah dinner instead of buying dinner.


Nectarine and greens salad with vinegar chilli dressing, makan dengan roast potatoes and baked chicken wings.


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