>Post storm happenings


24 hours without power was not a thrilling experience but Alhamdulillah it was only for 24 hours and not more! I’m so thankful they’ve fixed the fault. I think quite a few main power plants got struck by lightning (or something along that line) tu yang up to 150,000 houses were without power semalam. Even one of the main shopping centres had to completely closed today sebab takde power. The news said that some houses will still be without power until tomorrow and we thought we would be one of these unfortunate people but at 4 in the afternoon tadi, tetiba aje the power came back on.

And bila the power came back on, we all pun quickly lah checked our stocks in the freezer and syukur sangat2 all the stuff in the back freezer are still frozen solid. We had to throw out the milk, cream and ice cream aje sebab dah melted so it wasn’t too bad at all. Milk and cream tu pulak takut dah sour aje, tu yang buang lah jugak. I tadi dah bersedia aje nak buang all the meat and chicken and fish and seafood bila bukak the freezer and punyalah happy bila tengok semua masih frozen solid :-). And we found out that Synergy Energy has promised to pay its customers $80 if we don’t have power for more than 12 hours so dapatlah gak $80 out of this kan :-). Boleh beli $80 worth of ice cream, wehehehe ;-).

But yang nak tergelak nya semalam, I was preparing dinner to go into the oven petang semalam when the power went off. I’ve only just finished roasting the potatoes and was going to put the chicken parcel in there. But since I dah prepare, I letak aje lah chicken parcels tu dalam oven yang masih lagi panas tu. Sampai oven tu sejuk, the parcels were only half cooked so kenalah I put them in the fridge to be salvaged another night and masak benda lain for dinner. And I pun masak scrambled eggs and goreng chicken fingers and makan under candle light :-).


Punyalah excited nya The Little Misses makan dalam cahaya suram, hahaha.

And pagi tadi, we had to use our camping kettle nak masak air on the stove top. And then I kena toast bread in a pan for breakfast. Memang terasa macam bercamping balik lah, hahahaha. Bila dah biasa guna kettle electric for boiling water, bila kena masak air atas api, rasa lain aje kan :-).

Oh and ini gambar the chicken parcel that I had to bake again tadi. Rupa dia memang buruk lah sebab kulit filo pastry tu dah berkedut2 and jadi tak cantik bila I rebake them. But taste-wise still sedap so tak kisah lah kan, hehehe…



Chicken filo parcel with green salad and toasted garlic bread.

I’ll post the camping story another time lah ye :-).


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