>Worst storm in years!

>Sorry guys! Perth semalam had the worst storm in 20 years and since pukul 5 petang semalam, we all takde power/electricity. And since our phone and internet uses naked DSL which relies on power to work thus memang tak boleh lah nak update blog or nak surf the net or nak phone anyone even! Ini pun I just buat a quick entry at work to let you guys know that I won’t be able to update my blog until lah the power’s back at home which they say might not be until later today or tomorrow. Baru aje balik from camping, dah terasa macam pergi camping balik, wehehehe.

Nasib baik lah our stove top and our hot water system is gas-based so boleh lah still nak masak and nak mandi semalam and pagi ni. And nasib baik lah we could still find our emergency candles so tak lah bergelap gelita rumah we all malam tadi. But it was fun having candle-lit dinner, hehehe.

But it was utter chaos semalam especially on the road. Most traffic lights were down and still not functioning this morning. Trees and branches lying scattered on the roads. On the way to school to send The Little Misses pagi tadi pun all the traffic lights weren’t working but luckily ada traffic police so tak lah jammed giler2. I heard on the news malam tadi (we all kena keluarkan our battery operated small transistor radio just nak dengar berita :-D) yang the roads were horrendous and with golf ball-sized hails pelting down and people got stuck for 2-3 hours on the road balik from work malam tadi. But Alhamdulillah, The Other half could come home a bit earlier and masa I picked him up at the train station, dah start hujan and dah start the thunders and lightnings but wasn’t that bad.

Sampai aje we all kat rumah, the storm started! Winds were blowing from every direction, hujan selebat2 giler, thunders and lightnings bersilih ganti and our lawns and backyards were flooded. We are quite lucky that we haven’t got any big trees around our house so tak lah risau kena hempap dengan trees. Banyak rumah2 yang rosak sebab kena hempap trees, the roofs got blown off by the strong winds and house windows pecah from the hail. Kesian kat all the people especially police and the SES volunteers yang kena bekerja keras last nite fixing every thing yang broken down.

I better finish updating now. Sedih aje nak balik rumah nanti sebab nak tengok what food yang we all kena throw out from the fridge and freezer because takde power since semalam. We haven’t opened the back fridge and freezer yet so hopefully it’ll stay cold and the meat and cheese and what nots will still be edible. But we might have to throw the milk out :-(. Oh well, c’est la vie…


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