>He’s had a bad day


The Other Half’s so so sad today sebab he didn’t pass his motorbike test due to 1 silly thing. He said the Assessor told him that he was given automatic failure sebab he left his right indicator on after avoiding a car. The Assessor kata, leaving the indicator on is considered an automatic failure. So, you can imagine how p****d off The Other Half was for being failed for a very stupid mistake. Pastu terus dia merajuk tak nak ambik test lagi dah :-). He said he’s going to take a breather dulu and think about whether he really really needs a bike or not. He said maybe it’s a sign from God telling him that he’s not meant to ride a bike. I kata ke dia, “God is testing you, to see whether you are patient/grateful or not by failing you the first time. If you are patient, hopefully you’ll pass it the next time around!

One funny thing about The Other Half, bila dia tengah depressed or p****d off macam tu, he goes shopping as a therapy, wehehehe. Kalah I yang pompuan ni :-). So, tadi I pun temankan lah dia bershopping (actually temankan dia sebab tak nak dia beli benda2 yang mengarut2 😉). We ended up buying stuff for camping and hiking boots for him and dvds berlambak2, hehehehe. Tak lah rabak sangat wallet dia tadi and happy lah sekejap dia tadi bila dah dapat shopping, hikhikhik. He nearly bought a PC but luckily I managed to stop him in time! Phew….

Hopefully he’ll try again in a few months time when the pull of the Ninja gets stronger again :-). In the meantime, he just have to catch the public transport to work everyday I guess.

And when he’s depressed he wants to eat good food and dia nak makan kari and nasi tadi. But I malas betul2 nak makan kari and nasi hari ni so I pun buatkan his other favourite food, fish n chips, hehehehe.


fish n chips with nectarine salad.

And ini pulak dinner malam tadi, beef nachos.


And ini pulak gambar Miss 6 perasan jadi Abraham Lincoln, muahahahhaahaha…..


I tau lah rambut dia dah panjang sekarang ni tapi gaya Abraham Lincoln ni so old fashion lah kan 😉


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