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Kenapa tiba2 I buat entry di petang hari? Sebab I nak merajinkan diri menjawab segala tags yang orang bagi ke I :-). Tiba2 musim tagging and bagi2 award dah datang balik, lama dia menghilang and now timbul balik pulaknya. And I was fortunate enough (or was it unfortunate?) to be tagged, hehehe…

So I pun meronda2 lah kat rumah orang2 yang meng’tag’ and yang sangat baik hati bagi I awards ni and I’ll just longgok kan all the tags and awards here ok. So, entry kali ni will be a bit all over the place and a bit panjang.

First the awards. Thank you so much for all of you sebab masih ingat ke I :-):


Ni award dari Love, dah lama dia bagi tapi asik lupa aje nak ambik kat rumah dia. Sorry ye Love 🙂


Ni award dari TTM, Aida and Nur. I’m not sure blog yang beautiful or the blogger yang beautiful :-). But since I’m in a perasan mode, I rasa I lah yang beautiful ni kan, muahahaha.. Aida ada tagged I sekali dengan award tu tapi the tag lebih kurang aje dengan another tag yang I dapat so I’m going to combine both (boleh lah ye Aida, hehehe).



Ni award dari Cik Mat (jejaka idaman Malaysia) and TTM. Yeayyyyy, best nya dapat gelaran top blogger ni. Kalau lah dapat wang tunai sekali bersama2 award ni kan lagi lah grand nya, hahahahaha….

3E-award1         3E-award2       3E-award3

3 awards sekali gus ni pulak dari 3E, tapi ada pulak tag yang disangkutkan sekali dengan awards ni.

But I dah pernah buat tag yang lebih kurang sama macam ni dolu2, so since I jenis yang malas teramat nak buat the same thing twice, I C&P ajelah my answers yang dolu tu ye (but with some minor editing done).

Aida mintak 7 facts and Asilah mintak 10 facts. I bahagi 2 jadi 8 1/2 facts, ok lah kan? ;-).

This tag was previously ‘answered and done’ by The Other Half on behalf of me so that’s why it’s in 3rd person.

8 1/2 facts/truths about me missus (make sure kena ada Aussie accent ok!):

1. She’s the queen of lists – whatever she’s going to do or wherever we are going to, she will have a list ready for the event so she can be extra organised for everything. When she’s got the job done, she’ll tick it off the list. (Hey, it gets the job done! kalau takde list ni, terkapai2 tak tau apa yg dah buat n apa yg belum buat n apa yg dah pack n apa lagi yg kena pack.)

2. Very very impatient almost exclusively only with the little misses and me and doesn’t suffer fools gladly (translation – idiots piss her off). (Hahaha, so true, kesian my little misses and the other half sebab sometimes I expect them to be perfect.)

3. She’s fairly antisocial preferring her own company to others, which surprises me that she wants to socialise with me and the little misses. (I’m not antisocial but it takes me some time to mesra dengan orang. Once dah mesra, barulah boleh berborak sakan! That’s why i prefer my own company a lot of the times.)

4. Very strict and ‘garang’ with the little misses but also loves them fiercely at the same time. (Lerr, kenalah garang kan, kalau tak, tak jadi orang nanti the little misses. Skrg ni, pergi mana2 people are impressed with the little misses behaviours so kiranya garang and strict tu berbaloi lah kan. Macamlah dia pun tak 2X5 garang n strict gak, hehehe……)

5. Very good at finding really good bargains when it comes to clothes, household stuff, presents which makes me very happy money wise 🙂. (I loovvvee good bargains, it makes my day, hehehe…)

6. Fell into the ‘longkang’ while riding her bike when she was small hence the intelligence 🙂. (Hahaha…….)

7. 5 years older than me but I don’t think it shows (certainly doesn’t act it!), not that I think I look old. (See dear, orang asian ni memang awet muda!)

8. Very anal when it comes to hanging clothes on the clothes lines. Everything has to hang in the right order. She’ll re hang the clothes that I have painstakingly  hung if it doesn’t comply with her hanging clothes standards. (Women!!! Cant’ understand them!) Muahahahahahaha….

8 1/2. When she has PMT, …………..( you can fill in the blank here 🙂). Woit! Adaka! Hikhikhikhik

Hope you are satisfied Asilah and Aida :-D.

And in pulak tag dari Mami. Since a lot of the events happened more than 15 years ago so there’ll be gaps in my memories. Ye lah, dah tua2 ni, banyak benda yang dah lupa kan ;-).

How I met my Hubby


(Masa ni baru2 aje kahwin and dia still extremely slim while I pulak masa ni bagai di pam2, wakakaka)

1.First time jumpa with your hubby bila dan kat mana?

-When we were involved with international students at Uni.

2.Love at first sight?

-Muahahahahaha. Sudah semestinya tidak :-).

3.Who is he when the first time u met him?

-Just another concerned student about the plight of international students at our Uni. (hikhikhikhik)

4.How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?

-Friendly ‘date’, tak lama, probably about 1 week kot :-).

5.1st place dating di..

-At this nice cafe/restaurant that had a guy playing guitar singing the most wonderful songs.

6.How he proposed?

– We were talking about can’t remember what when suddenly he said, “do you think we should get married?” and I dengan poyonya said, “ok!”. Wahahahahahahah, punyalah tak larat kan bila budak2 bercinta ni 😉

7.Special date with your hubby?

-22 December 1995, our wedding day

8.Changes that he asked you to do?

– He wants me to be more tolerant of his flaws and imperfections.

9.What about him that you love so much

-He adores me completely which makes me love him.

10.What is about him that you wish he would change?

-Loads but then I have to change too, quid pro quo lah kan, so tu yang I’d rather accept him as he is lah 🙂

11.You will lose your mind n crack your head when he?

-Doesn’t listen to me when I know I’m right!

12.You will smile thru your eyes for the whole day when he?
Does/says something specially romantic for me/to me out of the blue.

13.Complete below sentences "my love towards my hubby is as big as.."

-His love for me (or should I say as big as his paycheck? mana yang betul ye? wekekekeke 😉)

Mami, ok kan my answers ni? 🙂

Phew!!! Penat giler jawab tags ni kan, pastu terus sampai 2 tags pulak tu, hehehehe. Lepas ni, adalah 3 bulan lagi baru I boleh jawab tag ye Tuan2 and Puan2 😀


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