>How do you like your sandwich?


Tekak orang kat rumah ni tersangat lah berbezanya kadang2 when it comes to sandwich fillings. The Other half’s favourite sandwich filling is chicken, avocado n cheese (so not adventurous if you ask me 🙂). Miss 6 pulaknya is quite happy to have poloni and tomato sauce sahaja (lagilah tak adventurous!) and Miss 10 tak suka sangat sandwich but she’s quite happy to have mashed hardboiled egg and mayo filling. Kalau toasted sandwich pulak, all of us are happy with grated cheese and pineapple aje in the sandwich :-).

But I like fillings yang lain from them. The Other Half normally won’t eat my sandwiches sebab dia memang tak berkenan kat some of the fillings yang I like (more for me then!) especially when I put a lot of green stuff in my sandwiches. Lagi lah dia tak kan sentuh, hehehehe. I love putting loads of crunchy alfalfa sprouts in my sandwiches but The Other Half bila nampak alfalfa sprouts will say, “Euuww, what’s all those green stuff! Looks like goat’s food.” Philistine! I think the sprouts make the sandwiches taste much better, hehehe. I’ve tried twisties and potato crisps/chips in sandwiches, they are not too bad :-).

But my most favourite sandiwch filling is the one shown below…


Peanut butter and banana sandwich!!!!! :-D. It tastes much better on white bread but kat rumah ni jarang ada white bread so tu yang I guna multigrain bread, but the taste is still marvellous! The best banana to use would be really ripe banana yang a bit squishy tu sebab it’s much sweeter. I can eat a lot of this sandwiches, let me tell you, hehehehehehe.

The Other Half bila nampak I makan this sandwich will geleng kepala sebab he just can’t understand how a combination of banana+peanut butter on bread can be nice, hehehehe. But dia kata dia tak lalu nak mencuba, mata dia don’t find this sandwich appealing so tastebuds dia pun terus reject lah dari nak merasa :-). He said peanut butter+jam sedaplah, but banana……

But we can only eat this when Miss 6 is not around sebab she’s allergic to peanuts so I makan masa lunch when she’s at school :-).

Sape yang tak pernah try this filling, do try it. You might fall in love with it, hehehehe….


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