>The holidays are here!!!!


I made hot cross buns malam tadi and chocolate cupcakes pagi tadi for The Little Misses to take for their teachers sempena end of term ni kan. Ye lah, dah penat2 diaorang look after my kids for a whole term, it’s nice to bake them something :-). And I put choc eggs in the cupcakes sempena Easter kan, macam2 kaler eggs I letak, hehehe. Orang lain buat hot cross buns, cantik aje the crosses. Tapi bila I buat, tak nampak jelas the crosses but rasa lagi sedap dari Baker’s Delight nya buns, hikhikhik! Sape nak recipe the hot cross buns, boleh tengok kat sini ye. Tapi I guna dried mixed fruits ganti sultanas and cranberries tu and I guna breadmaker to uli and proof the dough. Sape yang suka their hot cross buns lagi spicy, boleh add some more of the mixed spice but I like mine to be mildly spiced aje. And I tambah bread improver to make it lagi gebu :-).


And ini pulak my dinner tonite. East+west mixed up. I teringin nak makan nasi goreng sebab ada a little bit of rice in the freezer yang entah bila I simpan so I pun buat lah nasi goreng sikit. But for the rest I baked wedges for their carbs. Makan pulak dengan grilled chermoula barramundi and apple salad. Resepi chermoula fish, boleh tengok kat sini. But I tak letak the parsley sebab takde in stock.

Miss 6 makan her salad dengan lajunya sebab ada apple in it :-). Kiranya killed 2 birds with 1 stone lah, they get their fruit+vege supply all in one go, hehehehe. And fruits really make the salads much more appetising and more palatable for the Litle Misses, I guess.



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