>Still no cycling today


You can plan but sometimes other things get in the way and your plan goes ‘poof!’ :-). Pagi2 morning tadi The Other Half took Miss 10’s bike to be fixed tapi punyalah panjang the queue at the bike shop so tengah hari tadi baru siap they fixed the bike. I guess semalam everyone wanted to go cycling and found out there’s something wrong with their bikes so hari ni they took the bikes to be fixed lah kan, tu yang panjang queue nya.

And then bila nak pergi cycling tengah hari tadi, Miss 6 pulak start demam and coughing so terus lah tak jadi pergi. But kesian pulak kat Miss 10 sebab satu hari suntuk cooped up at home so baru aje sat ni The Other Half bawak dia keluar cycling around the block. Dah nak Maghrib baru terhegeh2 nak keluar. Mummy pulak kena lah stay at home temankan Miss 6 yang tengah feeling sorry for herself sebab not feeling 100%. Mummy pun tengah feel sorry for herself sebab tak dapat ikut pergi cycling, sob sob, hehehe.

I think there’s a very big chance that I’m not going to be able to go cycling this long weekend at all! Oh well, doesn’t matter, I’ll go cycling by myself one of these days kan :-).

And since tak pergi mana2 pagi tadi, we spent the time cleaning the house inside and out (again!). Adalah jugak kan exercise keluarkan peluh plus the added benefit of the house looking clean, hikhikhik. Our 3-monthly inspection is just around the corner so since tak pergi mana2, might as well kemas rumah kan :-). What an exciting life we have, NOT! hahahahaha.

And sebab bored tak pergi mana2, pagi2 morning lagi I dah buat hot cross buns (again), scones and for lunch pulak I masak berat2 instead of just sandwiches and leftovers! Memang boleh jadi ibu/isteri mithali lah I hari ni, hehehe ;-).

Our lunch today was potato rosti with smokes salmon, sausages, scrambled eggs and salad. Kiranya berat lah kan for us yang dah biasa makan reheated stuff aje for lunches :-). Kalau kena masak tu dah kira berat lah for me, hikhikhik…. I made potato rosti ikut resipi ini.


And malam tadi pulak I made instant noodle + vege salad makan dengan grilled prawns and baked chicken. I called it salad sebab masak noodles tu lain2 dengan the sayur so tak boleh lah nak panggil fried noodles kan, hehehehe.


And malam ni since semua dah makan ‘berat’ for lunch, we are just having toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner :-). Senang kerja I tak payah masak, hehehehe


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