>What’s that on the plate?


I ni kan suka tengok program masakan kat TV and the last one yang I tak missed tengok was ‘My Kitchen Rules’. And tengah2 hari sometimes I tengok Jamie Oliver’s nya cooking show. And yang I sangat2 noticed when they plate up their food, mesti kena ada ‘height’ to the food presentation. This ‘height’ element memang menampakkan dishes tu lagi appetizing and appealing to me lah. And I guess rata2 chefs and cooks kat mana2 restaurants pun memang particular with this height thing kan. I bet Bree Van Der Kamp from Desperate Housewives pun sure dish out her food tinggi2 kan, hikhikhik….

So, tadi I pun saje2 lah plate our dinner using this height method sebab our dinner malam ni was so simple and I konon2nya was trying to make our dinner looked more appealing lah. Bila I dah set the plate ‘nicely’ and put it at the usual spot to be photographed, The Other Half gelak giler tengok the dish. I pun sebab dia gelak, terus lah gelak sama sebab tak tahan tengok my food tower! I asked him, “Do you think it looks as bad as I think it looks?” Dia nak sedapkan hati I (tapi sambil gelak2 lagi) said, “maybe it’ll look better on PC.”, pastu terus sambung gelak, hehehehe.

Nak tengok my food tower?


Jom kita gelak ramai2, muahahahaha. I think I have a long way still to go playing with this height thing!

It was mashed potato with beef stroganoff and green salad ala tower-style :-D.

And to a different story, last night around 10.15, I switched off the PC and shut the kitchen’s window sebab nak masuk tidur dah. I pun pergi lah checked on The Little Misses to see if they were already asleep and if Miss 6 was coughing. As soon as I opened their door, terkejut I sebab nampak Miss 6 standing just behind the door tengah menangis and all covered in sick/muntah. I terkejut sebab normally she’s really good and tau the signs yang dia akan muntah and cepat2 lari ke toilet or muntah in her special ‘muntah bucket’. The last time we had to clean her clothes of sick was probably a few years ago kot.

But I think what happened last night was she was in deep sleep kot and tak sempat nak capai her bucket and so it just went everywhere. And instead of tidur cepat malam tadi, we had to stay up cleaning her bed, changing her mattress sebab tembus sampai tilam, made her bed and basuh the sheets and segala benda yang kena muntah. Luckily she only had 1 toy in bed malam tadi instead of the usual 4-5 toys so tak lah penat sangat I membasuh malam tadi. Kesian dia, malam2 kena mandi and kesian we all malam2 kena bersihkan muntah, hehehehe. Nasib baik lah The Other Half is quite good at dealing with muntah ni and tak muntah sama from the smell :-).

Hopefully, she’ll feel better soon and can be her old ceria smiling eating everything self.


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